George is Retiring

We're sorry to say that George DeJeu has called it a day. At the end of July, George will be retiring.

George joined Access, Inc. in 2016 after previously working for CST. He brought his years of expertise and experience in Liebert service from CST and has been instrumental in the success of ACS, LLC, our Michigan service branch.

George will be greatly missed as shown by the statements below from his colleagues. If you would like to share some thoughts with him, you can reach George at: (248) 616-8988 or Email George Here
George at work and at Play

From His Retirement Party
GEORGE, Here are a Few Suggestions on How to Spend Retirement
Dancing Lessons
Rumor has it an old girl friend is interested in teaching him the tango.

Or maybe.....
Bungee Jumping with Friends
After a a beer bash there is nothing like some bungee jumping with friends.

Or maybe...
Skydiving is Always Fun
Sure hope he's not afraid of heights.

Or maybe he'll...
Just Chill...
Thoughts From Your Friends
It is with great honor and respect to issue this congratulatory memo, celebrating the retirement of George Dejeu.

I have been a General Contractor, for over the past 50+ years, specializing in the renovation of Municipal and Federal Public Buildings, throughout the State of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. 

Over these years, I have been fortunate to have met numerous building tradespersons, where trust and respect, has been developed and shared between the GC and its Subcontractors and Suppliers. 

One of these “outstanding and rare” persons is George Dejeu, who as a Liebert Master Technician, was always there for us, in our very demanding GSA and Federal projects.

Please understand that undertaking renovation work in older buildings, no matter how thorough the design, is plagued with unknown and hidden conditions, that have to be dealt with “head-on” without compromise.

George was always eager to assist in any way and capacity possible, and for these reasons, our projects were deemed successfully completed, and achieved very high completion records that are maintained by these governmental agencies.

It is without hesitation that George Dejeu is to be commended for his standard of achieving excellence in his craft and bringing the highest degree of professionalism to the construction industry. - Respectfully submitted, Bruce E. Beresh, NAHB CGP, CGR, & CAPS Licensed Builder, State of Michigan
"George has taught me tons of things in the few years I've been able to know him.

  • Love life – always take your vacation and go see the world, at the end of the day your memories will keep you happier than overworking
  • Always lead with kindness towards people
  • Open your home to visitors, these turn in to lifelong friends
  • Stay a soccer fan, it will get you places around the world!
  • Jack Daniels may taste good even on a Saturday morning!" - Dan Busch
"I’ve also probably had 3 or 4 instances of being out on a job site with contractors and them asking me if George was going to stop by and do the startup because they loved spending time with him troubleshooting problems. That has really stuck with me as yes we do a job but he really makes it enjoyable for people." - Dan Busch
" He made me feel welcome the moment I walked in and I will not forget his kindness. He always had time for a quick chat which usually included good advice and lots of laughs, I will miss that. He also said that there is always time for coffee! I have huge respect and admiration for his work ethic. You will be missed my friend." - Kimberly Lindstrom
"George is nothing short of a proper gentleman. He is always looking out for your best interest before himself and always carries a great attitude. He’s been a great influence on myself and this office, he will be missed!" - Isaac Rapier
George has been amazing to work with, he has passed on and taught each of us his knowledge and customer experience. Over the years George has guided me through many customer experiences. He has been our “back-bone” and kept us strong, down to the core.  We could go to him with anything and all things HVAC related. I am happy to say this isn’t good-bye, my friend, because we still have Jack to celebrate life with. Cheers, my friend.
“George reminds me of my Uncle, full of wisdom and life’s experiences. It just so happens my Uncle is also named George, and is from Romania. Go figure. 

From the first day I started Access-Inc., I knew George would be a great mentor, and a good new friend. He taught me all about refrigeration cycles, condensers, evaporators, compressors, BTUs, Econophase, Glycol, refrigerant, iCOM, Optimized Aisle, airflow, humidification, de-humidification, re-heat, and more (that’s a lot of thermal). He never stopped believing on me, and always encouraged me, especially on those days where I felt overwhelmed with the amount that there was to learn.  George Dejeu is a good man, a man of conviction, a man of faith, a man of commitment, and a man of integrity. I’m blessed to have known him these last three (3) years.  Thank you George for your friendship, and for the impact you have made on my life, and the life of others. Celebrate your retirement, and enjoy having everyday be a vacation day.” - Your friend, Mark Abbott
“I have never had the opportunity to work face-to-face with George but I have exchanged many phone calls as we integrated CST into Access and as ACS, LLC was created. He is very kind, always had a nice word to say and - almost always - I ended up giggling somewhere in the middle of the conversation. George, I welcome you to the Access Retirement Club. And a very loud Huzzah !! for all the help you gave me through the years. Thank you" - Barb Coenen
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