They are drivers of prosperity, security, and democracy. And at 1.8 billion strong, they can’t easily be ignored. Call them kids, adolescents, teens, young adults. But on International Youth Day this month, and every day, USAID acknowledges their incredible potential as change agents. Our work building strong youth leadership is critical to creating a world with a brighter and more prosperous future.
News & Events
Administrator Mark Green continues to encourage the journey to self-reliance with visits this month to DRC , Israel , and Nigeria. And, we joined millions to celebrate World Humanitarian Day , and the many women humanitarian heroes in our midst. 
Digital Feature
He’s a teenager. He’s a published author. And, like many of his countrymen, he’s a huge baseball fan! Meet Erison, a Dominican youth who is an all-star example of how promoting literacy is a winning strategy.
Collaborating with USAID
Deputy Administrator Bonnie Glick announced that Purdue University is partnering with USAID to lead the first-ever Feed the Future Innovation Lab for food safety. Learn about this work at the link below, and click here to find out how you can work with us too.
Upcoming Events
USAID will attend the 74th U.N. General Assembly in New York next month. Follow our work there and throughout the world on Twitter , Facebook , Instagram , and YouTube —and subscribe to the USAID Leads podcast.
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