Glacier Lake
It's Time!

"For in the day of trouble He will keep me safe in His dwelling; He will hide me in the shelter of His sacred tent and set me high upon a rock."
Psalms 27:5 NIV

Terrorism, economic disasters, energy crisis, power grid blackout, famine, corporate corruption, religious scandals, militant homosexuality, pleasure-driven Christianity, twisted morality, these are the times we live in.

They call themselves Preppers. They clearly see the times we live in and are preparing or prepping themselves to withstand what ever befalls them. Abundance is their point of trust. Abundance of arms and ammunition, abundance of food and water, and an abundant location-they want safety!

 But ultimately the issue is not our abundant location or abundant supplies... abundance is not our point of trust. Our trust must be fully IN HIM!

 If the economy should crash, if the power grid would go out, if martial law would be enacted tomorrow, God's TRUE in HEART would not be rendered inoperative, because God is their SOURCE of wisdom and protection. He can keep us through times of scarcity as well as times of plenty. He fed Elijah by sending ravens for three years. God took care of David in the caves for over 16 years. He tells us plainly, "Do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink." Matthew 6:25

In the storm that is coming, nay that is at our doorsteps, we can't save ourselves - we need God and God only. There is no safe sanctuary or security outside of God and God alone! Yes you should live simply. Yes you should have supplies on hand and a safe location. But never ever as a substitute for being under God!

It's time to be part of the Trusting Remnant! Jesus is raising up a Trusting Remnant who abide in Him and He in them. They go beyond belonging to the right church, they have more than correct doctrine and lifestyle, for their daily lives give testimony that God has everything under control. Their daily lives confess Jesus as their provider and sustainer.

He's the Rock that withstands whatever our times throw at us. If we are entering into His rest TODAY, He will be our refuge, our supply and our security when it all comes down.

 Are you entering into His rest today? Seriously! Because if you aren't, God is speaking loud through all the calamities of our time! Get Ready! Time is running out. Remember the foolish virgins? Tremble not at the signs of the times, but tremble if you are not turned wholly to Him. That is the only way you can truly prepare for this calamity of calamities.

 It's time we all find an acute awareness of God's personal presence at all times and in all places. This is the mistake that preppers are making today. They are preparing for earthquake, hurricane, tornado, pandemic, riot, grid failure, terrorist attack or nuclear meltdown. But they have missed the ultimate preparation. A life fully governed by God! Instead they are man managed and have missed the ultimate preparation which is a spiritual preparation in Christ. A life truly hid with Christ in God.

 No location in the world is far enough to keep the judgment of God out. The safest place you can be is not in a remote location or island. No! The safest place you can be is in the will of God in the moment. God is our Safe Zone and it's time we enter in and remain in that safe zone.

Let our prayer be, "Cause me to turn wholly to you!"

Secure in Him,

Jim & Sally

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