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This is the time of year when we see a big surge in kitchen knife kit sales. Some woodworkers buy them several at a time, by the set, or fill in with one of the kits they have yet to make. Making your own kitchen knives means you are making or giving heirlooms. I love using the knives I’ve made from Hock Tools kits! 

This is the time when Hock Tools Knife Kits are at their most popular. So, please order early. With the supply chain the way it is these days, I hate to have to back-order knife kits meant as gifts.

Of course, if there is anything you need from Hock Tools, please let me know.

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It's Time for
Sharp kitchen tools make terrific gifts for the holiday season.
Hock Tools kits let you spend time in the shop, use up some of
those gorgeous pieces of wood you've been saving, and give a gift that gets passed from one generation to the next!
Check Out This Video Series Produced by
Highland Woodworking & Featuring Mike Morton
Thanks to Highland Woodworking in Atlanta, Georgia, and Harvard, Massachusetts' furniture craftsman Mike Morton you learn what it takes to make one of our 8-inch Chef's Knife kits, from the beginning to the first slice. Plus, Mike's methods hold for all four Hock Tools Kitchen Knife Kits, be it the paring, slicing, or either the 5-inch or 8-inch Chef's knives.

Step-by-step instructions are included with your kits but Mike does a terrific job of visualizing each step and offers wise advice and well-practiced tips. He also gets it that you want to make decisions for yourself and for what works in your shop.
Mike reviews the process of putting together the Hock Tools 8" Kitchen Knife Kit - the same process for putting together each of Hock Tools four kitchen knife kits.
Mike demonstrates how to glue the pieces together after initial shaping is done.
Mike goes over the items in the kit
and performs the initial shaping
on the handle.
Mike finishes shaping the handle
so it fits his hand perfectly.
In Highland Woodworking's final video
in this series, Morton chooses a
finish for the knife handle and
shows how he applies it.
Learn to Make
a Wooden Sheath!
Watch Paul Mayer from ToolMetrix
Make a Beautiful Wooden Sheath

Slicing Knives
Slicing Knives
Slicing Knives
The Hock Tools
Slicing Knife Sale!
Through December 31, 2021, Only

25% Off Hock Tools Slicing Knife Kits
Regularly priced at $50 each.

The Math:
1 Slicing Knife Kit = $37.50
2 Slicing Knife Kits = $75.00
4 Slicing Knife Kits = $150.00
Total: A beautifully Sliced Holiday Bird
Christmas after Thanksgiving followed by Great Meals throughout the Year.
Retail 7-2019 Slicing Knives without Handle and with Handle
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