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Start Getting Ready for Summer!
For many, the weather is getting warmer and it's time to start looking at some good work-out routines!

Good weather and a scenic route near you can make walking or running an enjoyable first step toward focusing on your health and fitness.  

Look online for safe and popular running routes near you and don't forget to track your run with your free TeamQuest RunCoach App!

Remember, RunCoach can help you plan a workout routine, track your miles, and is easy to download! Just search its name in the app store on your phone or tablet.

If you want to learn more about how to use all of the RunCoach features please contact Patrick Thornton at pthornton@dyslexiaida.org

Fundraising Incentive of the Week!
Congratulations to last week's

Rachel Jamora raised $330 and Margarita Hornung raised $525! Both won $100 towards their TeamQuest Campaign!

Carla Carlos and Rachel Jamora also won $30 for copying Tricia on their mass emails!

Get an extra $150 this week!

All U.S. donations to IDA are tax-deductible. In spirit of taxes being due today, encourage your potential donors to get a head start on their tax breaks for next year!

Starting today April 18th, and ending on Monday, April 24th: The top fundraiser (must receive more than $200 in donations) wins $100 towards their TeamQuest Campaign!
The person that receives the largest single donation (must be more than $100) wins $50 towards their TeamQuest Campaign!

Start sharing the link to your Personal Page! Post your link on Social Media and send direct private messages to close friends and family today!

Participant Spotlight!
Congratulations to Mary Jo and her team Structured Literacy!

Top row, from left to right: Elizabeth Hipwell (Half), Ruth Ann Pardo (runner), Dr. Cheryl Chase (supporter), Helen Sweeney (Half), Kristen Martin (supporter), Patricia Saddle (10K)
Bottom row, from left to right: Mary Jo O'Neill (Half), Patricia Ellins (Team Trainer), Angela Bennett (10K)
Not Pictured: John O'Neill (Half)
Pictured with family below: Amy Myers (Half)

Mary Jo and her team, Structured Literacy, are crushing their fundraising goals!  In addition to sharing their TeamQuest Personal Page links, they find success by motivating and supporting one another through group texts and friendly competitions. Through this communication they organize small group runs and train together, with the help of their trainer Patricia Ellins. 

Special shout out to Amy Myers! Although she is training to run in the Cleveland Half Marathon, Amy has raised $1600 as a Virtual Participant! Way to go Amy!

Collectively, the team has raised $5345 and plan to continue to getting their team members 100% to goal.

Keep up the great work Mary Jo and Structured Literacy! (click here to support this team)
Thanks to our sponsors!





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