It’s Time to Celebrate - Tax Freedom Day
For Most Americans Was Yesterday!
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Millions of Americans filed and paid their income taxes on or before April 18, 2017. Even so, they did not earn enough money yet to cover their total tax obligation. On average, Americans needed work until yesterday, April 23, to earn enough money to pay their taxes. In other words, most people must work 113 days just to pay all individual federal, state, and local taxes, as well as payroll, sales and excise, corporate and property taxes. If you add annual federal borrowing (future taxes owed) into the equation, Tax Freedom Day would be on May 7 this year, 14 days later.  

Americans will pay $3.5 trillion in federal taxes and $1.6 trillion in state in local taxes for a total tax bill of $5.1 trillion or 31% of the national income in 2017. More money will be paid in taxes than on housing, clothing, or food this year.  

Tax Freedom Day may be sooner for some Americans than others. States with residents making higher incomes that also have higher tax rates celebrate Tax Freedom Day later. Although Pennsylvanians are free from working to pay taxes on April 23, New Yorkers must work until May 11 and New Jersey residents until May 13. Learn more by reading the full report published by the Tax Foundation

Not only do New Jersey residents work longer to meet their tax obligation, but they also pay more money in taxes than Pennsylvanians or New Yorkers. According to the Tax Foundation , New Jersey ranks number 49 in the nation for having the highest taxes, followed by Connecticut at 50.   An article entitled You Just Paid More Federal Taxes Than People in Most States published on April 19 on, claims that the average New Jersey taxpayer paid $18,367 in federal income taxes, behind only Connecticut, $22,785; New York, $19,782; and Massachusetts, $18,997. That's $4,316 above the national average of $14,051.  

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