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Well, this last week was an adventure, to say the least. Were you able to dig out from the snow?

Lately I have been in EXTREME decluttering mode at home. After spending much of the last two years homebound, I decided that I cannot spend another minute looking at clutter. If it’s not put away, in a labeled bin, organized neatly in a closet or drawer, it’s heading out the door. This mission might have indirectly led to a hospital visit for my husband this week. I swear it wasn’t an attempt on my part to “declutter him” along with everything else. (He’s fine but has a wounded wing that will take time to heal. No more decluttering for him!)

It's not an understatement to say that we have a LARGE amount of fabric arriving in the next few weeks. Tilda’s Cotton Beach, Kim Diehl’s Right as Rain, Lori Holt’s Chicken Salad, 3 Sister’s Sister Bay are all due to arrive within the next week or so. We need to clear some space on the shelves to make room for these beauties. I picked up on my decluttering mission and sent books, notions, kits and literally hundreds of bolts of fabric to the Clearance Section!

I know what you're thinking... when you think of decluttering, you probably think these items are ‘passed their prime’ so to speak. That’s not the case at all! It’s strictly a matter of making room for a season full of exciting new arrivals! Once these fabrics start rolling in, these emails will practically write themselves!
Note - While Clearance Items are available In-Store and Online, quantities are limited!
Decluttering Fabric!
We've added so many fabrics to the Fabric Clearance Section that we had to create separate sections for them on the website to make them easier to find.
Kim Diehl? Lori Holt? Batiks? Moda All-Stars?

You will find a whole lot of everything in the Clearance Section. You can target your search by going directly to the designer you want, or you can scroll through all the fabrics and see which ones call out to you!

Making Room for Sister Bay!

Sister Bay, the new collection from 3 Sisters and featured in the Border Creek Mystery Club, will be arriving next week. We took the opportunity to clear out some older, but still beautiful, 3 Sisters collections. You will find more than a few of these beauties in the Moda Section!
A Notion Commotion!
There is a new shipment from Quilters Select arriving next week. The shipment includes the HIGHLY anticipated Quilters Select Cutting Mats making a triumphant return after two-full years on backorder. To clear space, we created a commotion of notions in the Clearance Section!
Tumblers, Zippers, Mats and More!

You'll find an assortment of Notions in the Clearance Section. If you're a Lori Holt admirer perhaps you'll enjoy a Lori Holt Tumbler. Have you been looking for a cutting mat perhaps you'll want to try the ecoPeco mats at a great price? Are you making some bags this winter? If so, there's a new selection of zippers!

You just don't know what you might find in the Notion Section!
Sealed in a Kit!
If kits are your thing, there are a host of new additions to the Clearance Kit section and further reductions on many other kits. Some prices might seem too good to be true... because they are!
Kits Big and Small!

Browse through the Clearance Section and you will find kits from quilts to table runners and wool appliqué too. If, like me, you're looking ahead to spring, there are a few kits that might just make you forget about this week's snowfall (ok that might be a bit of overselling on my part)!
Great Library Additions!
There's no better time to restock your quilting library than right now with a Book Bonanza! Dozens of titles have been added to the Clearance Section and there's a great selection too.
Take A Peek Inside Each Book!

Do you like to be able to leaf through the pages of a book before you buy it? I know I do. That's a bit hard to do when you're ordering online. There is a solution for that though. Simply click on any book title and you will have access to assorted pictures from the book. You'll have a better idea what you can expect to find in the book and won't be disappointed when it arrives.
Remnants Galore!
Remnants, remnants and more remnants!

Good things come in small pieces. If the bucket of remnants I brought home is any indication, there are some GREAT finds to be had.
Check Back Often!

If you enjoy picking up remnants at great prices, check back often over the weekend. Apparently, someone (ME!) has been neglecting one of her jobs, and there were simply too many remnants for me to load onto the website today. I'll be back at it as best I can over the weekend, because I can't have them adding to the clutter in my house beyond the weekend! They must go back to the store and ultimately home with you!
In-Store Shopping Reminder
Decluttering to Make Room for the New!
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