December 2020 Newsletter

It's Time to Eliminate Employee Schedules

by Tim Fulton

I first wrote this article over two years ago. At the time, eliminating employee schedules seemed like a crazy idea to many small business leaders. Not so much today.

Here are two conversations I've had recently. The first was with my youngest son, Carter, earlier in the summer.

C: Dad, I love my new job.

T: That’s great Carter. What are you doing?

C: The job is with a financial services company, and I have an administrative project that I'm working on. My job is to work my way through a room full of loan packages, keeping some documents and throwing away others.

T: Why is this such a great job?

C: I love this job because of the flexibility. I can create my own schedule. My favorite hours are from midnight until around 5 am. I get a lot of work done with minimal distractions. The best part is that I then have the rest of the day to do what I want. It’s great!

The second conversation was most recently with one of my clients named Bill.

T: Bill, you look frustrated. What's wrong?

B: I need to fire one of my directors.

T: What’s the issue? Poor performance?

B: No. His performance is fine. The problem is that this director is unable to get to work on time. Our office opens at 8 am, and he is never here on time. He does work late and sometimes on weekends. If he can’t get here on time it’s an issue, and I must address it now. We have an office schedule and he must comply with that schedule.

T: Bill, would you rather manage employee compliance or job performance?

B: We are all about job performance! His job performance is stellar. Now if I could just get him to show up for work on time.

Do either of these conversations sound familiar to you?

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Kevin has been featured in two articles on ethics, governance, and compliance in Financier Worldwide Magazine, an international publication covering corporate finance and board-level issues. He is a former financial executive with FDIC-Division of Liquidation, Standard Chartered Bank, and Dr. Pepper Co., a 30-year veteran in real estate, and a former CPA with Peat, Marwick & Mitchell (now KPMG).

In this eye-opening episode of Small Business Matters the Podcast, guest Kevin Foster joins Tim and Taylor to talk about workplace ethics. Kevin openly shares about his personal journey from corporate real estate attorney to convicted felon. He describes the six circumstances that lead to unethical behavior and just how easily an employee can make a bad decision.


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Should You Encourage Employees to Display Family Photos at Work?

In a field survey of working adults and a series of experiments, the Harvard Business Review found that people were less likely to engage in unethical behavior (e.g., padding expense reports or misappropriating petty cash) when their workspace included photos of their loved ones, rather than photos of landscapes, themselves, strangers, or no photos at all.”

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