January 15, 2019
Moore County 4-H Launches 2019 Enrollment and Re-Enrollment for Members and Volunteers 
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Happy New Year Moore County 4-H Families,

It is time for 4-H members and adult volunteers to enroll and renew their 4-H membership for 2019. While there is still no cost to join North Carolina 4-H, all 4-H members and adult volunteers are required to update and renew their membership annually to maintain active status in our organization. Enrollment and re-enrollment will now take place on 4HOnline. As of January 1, 2019, all memberships have been moved to inactive status.  

New Member/Adult Volunteer Enrollment Instructions
2018 was our transition year to an online enrollment system. Quite a few families had already completed paper enrollments prior to the roll-out of 4HOnline, so they were able to maintain their "active" status through 2018 without utilizing 4HOnline. If your family does NOT have an existing 4HOnline account, please take a few minutes to create a family profile in 4HOnline. Once the family profile is set up, you will then be able to add individual  youth members and adult volunteers to your profile. Here is a quick guide to assist with setting up a profile in 4HOnline.

Member/Adult Volunteer Re-Enrollment Instructions
If your family completed your Moore County 4-H enrollment through the 4HOnline system in 2018, you already have a 4HOnline profile. Families will need to log into nc.4honline.com by using their family email and password. If you happened to forget your password, you can select 'I forgot my password'. A password reset will then be sent to your email.  Once you reset your family password, you will be able to see your family contact information and a list of 4-H members and volunteers connected with your family profile.
To renew a 4-H member or adult volunteer for 2019, click on 'Edit' next to their name and then scroll down to click on the 'Enroll for 2019-2020' button. Follow the prompts and update information as required. Then submit enrollment on the final screen for processing. As in the past, medical information is required to make sure we are able to attend to your child in the event of an emergency. Please make sure you review all information and update accordingly.

North Carolina Cooperative Extension's 4-H Youth Development program and 4HOnline work closely to monitor and ensure the highest level of protection for information stored on the system. The 4HOnline system was vetted by the university and meets all information safety policy requirements.

Final Statements
Paper forms will not be accepted this year unless a special request is made. Please contact Sarah Miller if you have any concerns. While enrollment in 4-H operates on a rolling basis throughout the year, we would like to request that all returning members re-enroll by February 15, 2019  if at all possible. Failure to renew membership cancels your child's membership in their 4-H club and eliminates their access to 4-H programs and competitions until membership is renewed.

More information about 4-H Online can be accessed here or by contacting Sarah Miller, 4-H Youth Development Agent at 910-947-3188 or sarah_miller@ncsu.edu. We will be glad to assist you with navigating 4HOnline!

Sarah Miller
Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development
Moore County Center