It's time to enroll for Acutonics Camp!

It's time to register for Acutonics Camp!

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Acutonics Camp 2016 Camp

Now an official Acutonics elective!
July 21 - 25, 2016
Mt. Shasta, CA

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Come experience Acutonics in Mt. Shasta, California! Im merse yourself in alpine beauty, a mystical mountain, and deepen every aspect of your Acutonics practice and intuitive nature...and have fun!!! 

Let us help you move to a new level of confidence and expertise in your Acutonics practice at Acutonics Camp.

Meet great new colleagues from far-flung locations, enjoy mind expanding teachings and techniques, and be immersed in Nature as your teacher. We love to share Mt. Shasta with you. 

Every day there will be time for swimming in Lake Siskiyou, or crystal hunting in world class crystal stores, or wandering to discover Mt. Shasta's messages for you.

We LOVE to mentor you to be the richest practitioner you can be. Come join us!
If you are planning to attend Acutonics Camp and you are not camping with us, start looking for lodging now!!  Mt. Shasta is a popular vacation destination. There is quite an array of choices for lodging, from simple motels in Mt Shasta and Weed, to BnBs, to lux Mt. Shasta Resort next to Lake Siskiyou. And, of course options on AirBnB and VRBO.

No matter where you stay, come learn and play!
Acu*tonicsĀ® , n.  1.  System of vibrational sound healing rooted in Oriental Medicine and philosophy that utilizes tuning forks and symphonic gongs tuned to the planets, Tibetan bowls, bells, drums and rattles.  Connecting body, mind, and soul in the journey toward optimal health and spiritual attunement or at-one-ment with all things in the Universe.  2.  The integral way, undifferentiated wholeness, the Tao.
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