It’s That Time of Year Again - Payer Contract Negotiations
Our roots in payer contracting run deep, making CodeToolz one of the most effective payer contracting and reimbursement firms in the country.

Most practices lose additional revenue of 10-30 percent because they do not have the time or the required expertise to renegotiate contracts with insurance payers.

Most physicians have never renegotiated their contracts and very few actually renegotiate them on an annual basis. This simple fact means that practices are missing out on additional revenue that can be substantial and greatly impact the practice.

If you do not remember the last time your contracts were renegotiated, then this is a service that you cannot afford to pass up.

Let the experts at CodeToolz take your contracting efforts from burden to competitive advantage.
We are continually honing our strategic and technical skills to successfully usher clients through reimbursement strategies and price negotiations.

The primary mission of CodeToolz is to help medical providers increase their revenue. It’s as simple as that.
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