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SCCA Hall of Fame Inductee Bill Bradshaw
Bill Bradshaw joined the SCCA in 1964. His incredible gifts of time and effort, across multiple programs, benefited generations and will continue to help members for decades to come. As a competitor, he participated in Road Rally, stage rally and road racing, but found his calling helping other Club members, tirelessly working track side, staging rallies, and in board meetings shaping the organization.

Through the years, Bradshaw helped by inspecting tracks, as a pit marshal, directing traffic on grid or as a steward, including time spent as Executive Steward for the Northeast Division and Assistant Chief Steward for the SCCA Runoffs at Road Atlanta and Road America.

His work trackside even took him beyond the SCCA – to multiple Formula One Grand Prix events at Watkins Glen. As a Regional Board Member, Bradshaw served as By-laws Chairman, Membership Chairman, Assistant Regional Executive and Regional Executive.

As testimony to the impact of his character and contributions, when Bradshaw decided to add to his SCCA plate by running for Area 10 Director, it was discovered that he did not reside in the Division. But Bradshaw was so beloved that Central Pennsylvania Region ceded the county he was living in to Glen Region and forever redefined the border between two areas.
In 1975, Finger Lakes Region requested Bradshaw’s assistance as they attempted to create a stage rally in northern Pennsylvania. The Susquehannock Trail Pro Rally became a highlight of the SCCA Pro Rally season and Bradshaw continued to support it tirelessly. As a result, Bradshaw is the namesake of the SCCA Pro Rally Bill Bradshaw Award for Volunteerism .

Though his hours spent organizing and volunteering were formidable, it is his efforts for safety that Bradshaw may have the most lasting impact. As a Steward, he focused on driver safety by gathering statistics on incidents, analyzing that data on incidents and outcomes, and using them to create risk management profiles. These data and analysis methods helped form the current Safety Steward Model still instrumental today. Bradshaw’s commitment to safety extended beyond incident reporting and analysis and into supporting and promoting the recognition of Emergency Services as a separate, unique specialty, an effort that resulted in the creation of a stand-alone license for Emergency Services.

Bradshaw earned the Carl Haas Award for outstanding service, the Glen Region’s Jacqulyn Holman Race Worker of the Year award, the Glen Region’s Regional Executive Award and the Northeast Division’s Floyd Stone Award .
From the RReNews Home Office — 
Happy Valentine's Day Fellow Rallyists!
Not the romantic type or like chocolates and flowers? You know, there is a rally reference in the wish too – ever heard of the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre Road Rally? Rumor is there is one that is 55+ years old, and it is a Map Rally!? I shall have to seek out the files in  Smuncher’s Attic and see what we might find for a future edition of RReNews.

As you read this, teams will be heading north to the The Thunderbird Rally in British Columbia and to the more moderate temps of Texas for the Sweetheart Rally in Texas. Are you heading out to a rally this weekend or next? Scouring maps and references in anticipation of your summer event as a Rallymaster? Seeking commitments and building rally schedules for the upcoming year? Hibernation is coming to a close. I sense it here in the Arctic as we are gaining five minutes of daylight each day; that may not seem like much to you, yet it is thirty-five minutes a week and the batteries are charging!

I need to extend an apology to Paul Miller Porsche, related to their sponsorship of the PCA Northern New Jersey Region Pine Barrens Off-Road Excursion . Last month, given the NNJR acronym in the piece, I simply credited the familiar use by the author to SCCA. We appreciate businesses support to our programs across America, from starting locations, swag, hospitality, and media coverage of our beloved sport. I hope they’ll choose to accept my apology, and I know they’ll continue to support the PCA Northern New Jersey Region!!

A group of us have been seeking two weekends of events, so as to make travel costs more tolerable, or a well-done two-day weekend to get some TSD-rallying in this year. That beloved Red Lantern Award shall be secured by my team — no matter our venue. Please send your suggestions for events, yet not for the USRRC in October as that is already in consideration! Our goal is to learn something new, yet not be “schooled” so badly that we spend more time on an alternate route than the rally route. And calculating, while important, will not be our highest priority. Hey! When rallying with a Region member this past summer the Checkpoint Crew asked, “What are using to calculate in there?” as we had earned a “zero”!
When the snow clears I will be going out to layout an all pavement rally for this summer which will be a time-speed-distance event. And then, there is a second event that is being mulled as a fundraiser for the Dick Trickle Memorial Project. Yet until then, there are hard drives to get cleaned up (I swear computer files could be called digital hoarding) and the history from the pages of the first five years of RReNews put into some kind of bound book. While I appreciate the SCCA posting recent past issues on their SCCA website, when they are removed — they are dead history! We don’t have hard copies and we certainly can’t be assured that referenced website will be with us in thirty years.

I hope you are all still saving your dollars for that second USRRC Entry Fee, which will be up for bid soon. Some of you have noted that it was to have come up last month; I ran into a minor electronic snag on the bid site and am working with the SCCA Foundation Board to resolve the matter. The first entry brought in $300 for the Ralling to Preserve the Historic SCCA Archives fundraiser that is tied to the 2017 USRRC, and I hope the National Competitors will choose to be generous for the second one as well!

The outpouring of road rally and fellow motorsport enthusiasts signing up for RReNews these past three weeks has been encouraging. This will be the first issue after our Spring cleaning of the subscriber list. While we get a handful of comments each edition (and they are very much appreciated, we want to cull the list to those that are reading our efforts, and we are working to gain exposure and build readership.

It is time to close out this edition and get it down the internet highway. We’ll see you in a few weeks!
Safe travels,
Cheryl Lynn

Please join us in using the hashtags #comeroadrally and #wefoundtheroads in your 2018 social media posts!
RoadRally Board Update - February 2018
SCCA RoadRally Community

The 2018 RoadRally Rules (RRRs) are now available as a paperback book on for $5.95. Just search for SCCA RoadRally Rules .

They are also available on the as a pdf download at no charge.

Please note the change in Class S and Class L definitions. Class S returns to its more historical "stock tenth-reading odometer" and GPS-based calculating apps that report mileage to 0.01 or 0.001 of a mile are in Class L.

We strongly encourage rally organizers to email their rally flyer to Deena Rowland at Deena will upload your flyer to your event listing on the SCCA calendar, so folks have an easy way to learn more about and enter your event.

Best Regards,
Jim Crittenden
SCCA RoadRally Board Chairman
SCCA RoadRally Rules Are in Print
RRB Bios - A bit about Us!
  • Mike Bennett: Mike has been involved in SCCA RoadRally since 1998.
  • Jim Crittenden: Jim ran his first rally in 1968 after meeting W. David Teter at the University of Delaware. Jeanne English: Jeanne has been road rallying for 45 years.
  • Wendy Harrison: Wendy is from Indianapolis, Indiana, and currently serves as the RoadRally Chairperson for the SCCA Indianapolis Region.
  • Clyde Heckler: Clyde joined the SCCA in 1969 when in college and has been a member ever since.
  • Peter Schneider: Peter started rallying in 1974, and he joined SCCA in 1988 to obtain his ProRally License.
Yet we want you to learn more about those who have stepped forward to serve the road rally community, so click here and download the complete bios in pdf-format!
Divisional RoadRally Stewards
January 21, 2017 - The Sports Car Club of America RoadRally Board announced the appointment of the 2018 Divisional RoadRally Stewards (DRRS).
DRRS are appointed one per Division and are responsible to the Road Rally Board for developing, supervising, and administering the Road Rally Safety Steward Application process, assist with Regional Road Rally Development activities and if possible develop and maintain a program of Divisional Road Rally events in accordance with the rules, standards and procedures established for the Road Rally Program.

Additionally, will serve as an advisory resource for the Road Rally Board on event operational topics. Contact information of the DRRS can be found here .

Notice from RReNews we shall have more info on the DRRS in upcoming editions!
Social Media – Love it or Hate it?
It's Here, so Let's Use It!
In 2018, we are continuing to use the hashtag #comeroadrally and we are adding the hashtag #wefoundtheroads.

We did our homework so that we can target vehicle rallies and build a following of events and articles in online searches.

Won't you please join us and add the hashtags too? We'll be on the lookout for them across the internet!
TCRC's Minnesota Valley Winter Rally
by Ben Wedge, Rallymaster 
Here are the Final Standings of the 2018 Minnesota Valley Winter Rally!
National Events Committee by Mike Thompson, Chair
I was gently reminded. Well okay then, I was nagged by Cheryl that the next issue of RoadRally eNews would be published soon and that it would be a good idea if I got my column done. It seems I forgot last month, and that’s because I didn’t get nagged!!

Congratulations to everyone who received an award for competing in the 2017 National RoadRally Championship. I’d like to show the names of every award winner, but there is just enough space in this column. Besides expecting me to type that many names correctly? Fat chance.

This is a rather laid back time for the NEC. The 2018 RRRs were finalized and are available online or purchased from Amazon. The 2018 National Schedule is nearly complete. The kickoff events, Desert Sands National Course Rally and Foothill National Tour will occur on March 2 & March 3 in Tucson, Arizona. Those events will be followed up by March Lion National Course Rally and March Lamb National Tour Rally on March 24 & March 25 in Vineland, New Jersey.

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to our newest NEC member, St. Louis Region member Jim Heine. Jim is also the Chairman of the 2018 United States Road Rally Challenge this October.

Mike Thompson, NEC Chair
Words from the Wheel by Jamie Mullin, SCCA National Staff
Logo Road Rally
This month we want to share the recipients of the RoadRally program recognitions that took place at our SCCA Convention in Las Vegas over the January 18-20th Weekend.

SCCA President Mike Cobb and Howard Duncan, Senior Director of Rally and Solo, presented the following rally awards:

W. David Teter Award for Best National Tour Rally of the Year was presented to Rallymaster John Emmons, Land o' Lakes Region, for the Badger Trails Road Rally. It should be noted that this is the 11th time in the last 15 years that John and Badger Trails have won this award.

Arthur J. Gervais Award for Best National Course Rally of the Year was presented to Rallymaster Jim Crittenden, Milwaukee Region, for the Roads Scholar Rally.

Robert V. Ridges Award
Presented to the SCCA member who exemplifies the highest degree of dedication and sportsmanship in Road Rally, and who has made an outstanding contribution to the success of an event. This is the second time this award has been presented in five years, and Rich Bireta, of the Kansas and Kansas City Regions, was the recipient for his outstanding contributions to the SCCA RoadRally program. Rich has been at the forefront of developing low-cost apps for tablets and smartphones that emulate clocks, odometers, rally calculators, and even rally computers. He has served on the RoadRally Board for six years, acting as its Chair for five and a half of those six years. Active in his community, serving on his Township Board, as Treasurer of his church, and as a Scoutmaster, Rich is also Chair and Rallymaster for a very popular two-day rally weekend in Kansas every November.

Divisional Achievement Award
Present to the Great Lakes Division, who hosted a very successful RoadRally Championship Series for many years.

Regional Achievement Award
Finger Lakes Region has the largest rally program as measured by the number of cars, and grew their program by 25% in 2017.

Best New Regional Program
Atlanta Region's Mark Johnson assisted in the rally portion of the Targa Southland in 2016 and then resurrected his Region's rally program in 2017. Well done Mark!
Rich Bireta on stage with Mike Cobb as he receives the Robert V. Ridges Award. A video may be seen here! We talk of social media, right? The popularity of the Award going to Rich Bireta has 529 impressions, 299 views of the video, 5 shares, 68 reactions (yes those emoticons of thumbs and hearts!), as well as these comments:
Congratulations Rich! The National Staff and I enjoyed working with you on behalf of the RoadRally program, and we know the program is in good hands going forward too!

I am in the office M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CDT at 800-770-2055 x371, or you may contact me via e-mail at

Please continue to direct any Event, Sanction and Insurance related items or inquiries to Deena Rowland via e-mail to or telephone 800-770-2055 x 331 M-F, yet do keep in mind she is there to serve you 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. CDT.

We're here to serve you, so reach out should you need assistance. And in the meantime, get your road rally events sanctioned and your audits submitted timely!

Here are some stats on sanction requests thus far:
From Smuncher's Attic by Bruce Gezon , Rally Historian
Heart of Dixie Road Rally! It has a reputation and there is excitement that it is being revived in 2018 by the Texas Region's Clear Blue Sky Road Rally with Rallymaster Liz Witt.

After last months' Smuncher's Attic column, I received correspondence from Gary Starr who recalled the event and forwarded scans. These samples were part of the HOD GIs for 1978. It was meant as a sample of how to apply the rules. Many course (trap) rallies used maps to show the proper usage of the GIs. They still do.

Advice, suggestions, and criticism are welcomed. You may reach me via email.

Here is Gary's message and the attached files for your enjoyment —
Attached is the 1978 HOD Thursday night run map rally. It is the most difficult map rally of all the ones I have.
I used this as a tool to help teach trap rallying in one of my seminars years ago. My hand written notes are there (and parts of the generals being circled) to provide the information necessary to complete the map rally traps correctly so one does not need the 16 pages of actual generals to get lost in (and stuff that wasn't used on the map rally).
Critique of Thursday Run
Heart of Dixie Highway Map
Thursday Night Run RI's
Upcoming Road Rally Events for YOU!
TSD Rally School

Road Rally w/ SCCA - Detroit Region on Saturday, March 24, 2018 at Captain Joe's Grill and Chill, Whitmore Lake, MI - Detroit Region SCCA presents the 2018 Road Rally School Saturday, March 24, 2018, 8:30 AM - 4 PM, registration at 8:30 AM sharp! ...

Read more
Post Your Upcoming Rally Dates and Invites HERE?
You bet! We welcome you to Come Join Us! RReNews is not an SCCA Publication, yet produced in association with the Sports Car Club of America by road rally enthusiasts.

Our goal is share news about our beloved sport of Road Rally across North America — be they sanctioned by the SCCA, PCA, BMW, Furrin Group, or local marque clubs!

Please send us news of your upcoming event dates and promotional materials to list, so as to make fellow road rally enthusiasts aware of your events. And post event — send your write-ups and photos to share news of the adventure! You can send information to Cheryl Lynn by clicking here! We'll be unveiling more means as 2018 comes along.
SCCA Members "Get Social" at Conventon
by Peter Schneider, on behalf of the RRB
Over the January 18 th weekend the Sports Car Club of America conducted its annual convention at the Southpoint Resort and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. Almost 400 people were in attendance, up by 100 from 2016.

During these meetings, three open sessions were conducted by the SCCA RoadRally Board. The first session conducted by Peter Schneider was entitled Regional RoadRally as a Social Activity and was designed to introduce Regions that do not currently conduct rallies to the simple and affordable GTA/Gimmick style of social rallying.

The seminar explained what was involved with setting up an event and provided examples of questions and route instructions which might be used on the Region’s first event. In addition the session provided references to smartphone applications for inexpensive and free GPS odometers and checkpoint clocks, and a list of resources available from SCCA to download and contact lists for both the National RoadRally Board and the Divisional RoadRally Safety Stewards.

For a copy of the presentation used at the session click here.
The second session was conducted by Jeanne English and provided RoadRally Safety Steward (RRSS) training.

Of those that attended the session seven individuals sat for the RRSS Test and after reviewing the answers and understanding those questions that they missed were issued RRSS Licenses.

The third session was on Saturday, the RoadRally Board conducted an open Town Hall Meeting in which the status of the 2017 season was reviewed, including the number of Regions conducting events, number of contestants and events per region.

During this session it was announced that funding is available to the SCCA RoadRally Board to assist with expenses to provide mentors to Regions wishing to start or expand their Rally Programs.

The RoadRally Board will assign an individual to assist the requesting Region set up a program and cover limited expenses for overnight travel to the Region to work with a local event chairperson to set up the event.
SCCA Matters —
Minutes, Planning Calendar, Championship Points
Road Rally eNews is produced in association with the Sports Car Club of America