Spring is in the Air!
I know, I know. It's October and this is going to sound crazy, but now is the time to order your Spring Douglas. Last year by November and December they were already sold out of key Douglas items and we all know this year is even crazier. Existing customers will receive hard
copies of the Spring catalog in the mail soon,
but we have a sneak peek for everyone!
Rainbow Chicks Asst 9785 
Pinkie Pig Softie 15049 
Bright Lil' Bitty Bunnies Asst 9788 
Frosted Champagne Bunny 15288 
Ramsey Grey Spotted Floppy Bunny 14862 
Doodle Dog with Bunny Ears 15286 
Rubert Donkey 4515 
Kaleidoscope 15289  
Bert Ladybug 1535 
Chive Bee 1531 
Mara Pink Silkie Chick 1591 
Confetti Bunny 610
Spunky Spring 4101S 
Dollie Lamb Softie 4631 
Farm Fresh Chicks Asst 9937C