Spring Cleaning Your Marketing Plan
With Easter and Passover behind us, we turn to the more secular tasks of spring cleaning and refreshing our arsenal of marketing ideas and tactics. Now is the time to revisit your marketing plan. Look at areas such as strategy, competitive analysis and quarterly goals. Is everything working? A marketing plan, though a great blueprint for action, needs to have flexibility and changes may be needed for further success.
A MarCom Plan Frames Strategy

MarCom, sometimes spelled “marcomm”, is your marketing communications plan---how you target your interactions with current and potential customers. A MarCom plan frames strategies and activities to keep you on track, but shouldn’t limit you to new thoughts and responses to the market place. All of the media you use to reach your market should be periodically evaluated, and if needed updated or repositioned.

Automated Social Media
Though you probably have your social media postings automatically timed through servers such as Sprout Social and/or HootSuite, what about spontaneity? There are times when a moment requires immediate action and changes. Maybe you have a new product or important news about your company you want to share, or an issue that requires some immediate PR. Are you set up for that? Make sure you’re ready for breaking news or crises.

Is Your House in Order?
On a more mundane level, it’s not a good idea to be using your email as a filing system; sort topics, make folders, and delete obsolete threads of conversation. Organization is key to a successful operating system.

Set Quarterly Goals
In addition to your yearly goals, set quarterly goals. Short term goals force you to look at your MarCom plan more frequently, are easier to accomplish, and set you up for achieving your Return on Objectives (ROO).

By staying on top of your MarCom and the objectives you have set for your business you know what works and what doesn’t and can respond more quickly to client needs. Your efforts strengthen brand awareness and boost lead development, client satisfaction, and a positive company image.

If you would like some help setting up a strategic MarCom plan, contact us!