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Keep on your virtual game. This weekly newsletter delivers the latest news, events and a smidgen of juicy dishings from the world of virtual events.
Driven by the pandemic, many of us dove into virtual events to patch a hole in the absence of live events. As an industry, we came, we saw and we're conquering the virtual events space at a lightning pace. And you know what? Attendees find them a godsend for keeping connected and informed. Smart event planners are finding benefits including more attendees, increased visibility, analysis and metrics about who their customers are, and what they want.
Toobin's Cautionary Tale Creates FOZO
The virtual events world claimed its first casualty this week. Jeffery Toobin's decades of hardworking journalism and astute politicial analysis went up in smoke as he gave new definition to the word hard-working. He was unceremoniously suspended from The New Yorker and took a leave of absence from CNN after alleged inappropriate behavior while on a Zoom call preparing for the Presidential debates.
Aftershocks included a summary of crass Twitterverse jokes and chortling anchor people like Sara Haines. Even O.J. Simpson weighed in. (Not-coincidentally,Toobin wrote The Run of His Life, The People vs. OJ Simpson.)
Waves of FOZO (Fear of Zoom On) reverberated. Anyone who's ever flushed, adjusted their bra, picked their nose, or farted on a Zoom call was one-upped in a “there but for the grace of God” moment. The #metoo movement met the virtual world in the form of #metoobin.
One Hundred Ways to Go Virtual
Commodore, Compaq, Zenith, IBM…. remember the early days of PCs where any company who could solder a motherboard had its own line of PCs? That's what the world of virtual events looks like now. It's raining events platforms. We counted over 100 that we've listed on Solving for Tech. We're working through the pros and cons of each, so keep checking back. This week we'll separate the wheat from the chaff with Alfred Poor's top consideration list.
Zoom Just Got a Lot Happier
We spend more time in Zoom Rooms than our bedrooms these days. At this year's Zoomtopia, the company revealed some major enhancements like the creation of ZAPPS (applications from 3rd parties that can be launched on a Zoom call) and OnZoom, which creates a marketplace for monetizable events. If you've got a side hustle, you'll be in Zoom heaven. Read more about how Zoom is expanding from a video conferencing platform into a full video ecosystem.
What Jim Said
Vidcon is a conference devoted to online video creators and their tools, so it's only fitting that the Vidcon's virtual events toolbox includes some gems to boost online engagement. Jim Louderback, Vidcon's SVP and GM, spoke to a group of online events creators at the inaugural VEG meeting in October.
Since everyone's pain point for virtual is social engagement, we called out a few of Jim's picks:

Chatalyze makes meet and greets for fans possible.
Slido creates instant polls, quizzes and Q&As to incorporate into presentations.
Looped creates one on one virtual meetings. Great for fans and meet and greets. .
Cameo brings you a personalized message from a celebrity
Fundo a part of Google's A12 allows creators to meet fans
Maestro A virtual events platform with heavy focus on the social including support for Facebook Live events and breakout sessions
You can hear Jim's full presentation here.
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November 20
The VEG group is an informal meeting of like-minded individuals who share ideas and best practices for virtual events. You can apply to attend our next session, which will focus on making the most of your content assets. Hope to see you there.
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