What an amazing time I had at the Advanced Oncology MBA Retreat in Tennessee last month. I had the opportunity to work with 11 other oncology-trained estheticians from various parts of the country who were like-minded and passionate about their work. An immediate bond was formed. We learned together, laughed and supported each other as we shared our passions and also provided care to the cancer patients who attended.

We started early each day and were often still talking and sharing at 1:00 am. This conference had been cancelled several times since March 2020 due to COVID. But once I arrived and met the other women, I knew the timing had been just perfect. We needed this particular group to come together at this time to do the things I envision in the future.

I am so excited about all I gained from this conference as it benefits each and every one of you.

Now it is time for some much needed rest and relaxation. I will be out of the salon from July 30th-August 7th. And yes, if you have been following my recent Instagram posts and stories, you know I will be taking my new hat and am not afraid to use it! Although I question whether my husband will admit to knowing me!
Do you need Products before I go?

How is your sunscreen stock? I have all the usuals---Suntegrity spf 30 face and body, Hale & Hush's Broad Spectrum spf30, and Osmosis MD Protect spf30.

Need other skincare products before I go? If so, contact me soon!
Sometimes it feels this way!

To avoid looking like the Esthetician above, here are some Sunscreen Tips:

~ Apply sunscreen every day, even when it's cloudy out. UV rays are still there.
~ Use a Broad Spectrum spf against UVA and UVB rays.
~ Use physical sunscreen vs. chemical sunscreen. I prefer all Zinc Oxide. This is the only active ingredient in the sun products I carry (none leave that white case either!)
~ Apply a quarter-sized amount to face, neck, ears and chest OR measure by a shot glass for the body--that sounds like more fun!
~ Reapply at least every 2 hours when outdoors, or reapply sooner after getting out of the water.
~ If layering products, sunscreen goes over skincare products and under makeup.
Hope you enjoy your fun in the sun! See you soon!