Happy Valentine's
Happy Valentine's Day to you! Happy Valentine's Day to you! We love you-uuu!

Let us be the first to wish you the most warm and wonderful Valentine's Day! Warm, because the weather is getting more spring-like every day, and wonderful because you deserve a perfect day to celebrate all the love going around. 


You're going to love our new daycare friend, and some lucky winners, from our Valentine's Day dinner and daycare contest are getting a lovely surprise. Our "Preschool" naming contest is coming to a close and we're even revealing the program name in the article below! Do you love it?


Thank you to all the families who came in for the filming last week for Vancity's Story of Impact feature on us. Your charming, creative, gorgeous kids make us look so good. One more reason we love you! 


Hearts and love, and butterflies!

Happy Valentine's Day


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Valentine's Day Childcare Contest
"Preschool" Naming Contest - Winner!
Left and Found
Jiminy Crickets!
Keeping up with the Bloggers
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Happy Valentine's
Happy Valentine's Day to you! Happy Valentine's Day to you! We love you-uuu!
Parents' Night Out Launches on Valentine's Day

And the winners are...
and the winners are... Sacha, Zak, Claire, Naomi, and Thiago/Emma! 

The kids will be joining us for our first spaghetti dinner and movie night, while their hard-working, fun-loving, break-deserving parents take the night off! It's Parents' Night Out!

We're even sending Shelliza and Devin to dinner at Red Ginger Asian Cuisine, right across the street. The food is amazing and until Mar. 31, they have a 2-for-1 entree deal, so you can try it too!
Even if you didn't win, it's Valentine's Day! Be sure to celebrate your love and lover by spending the evening together. 

Parents' Night Out is our newest monthly feature. Check our Google Calendar each month to find the date, and simply email us if you'd like a spot. 

"Preschool" Naming Contest - Surprise Winner!

It's been a roller coaster ride to the finish for the name of our new program for 3 - 5s. It looked like a landslide for "Bloom," but in the last two days, "Little Bloomers Nursery Program" has moved from third place to first, with 105 votes to 104.  

Congratulations to Tracey Flattes for her submission, and to her and Angela Nee for all the work they did encouraging people to vote. They sure made it exciting! 

Thanks as well to everyone who entered the contest and to all the people who voted. We'll keep you updated on our progress for the logo design and the launch of the new name as we get further along. 

Left and Found Basket
When families leave beloved items at Buddings, we always want to return it. If it's pretty generic (water bottles, lunch containers, etc.) having your child's name on it somewhere goes a long way towards us getting it back to you. 
If we know who it belongs to, it goes in the basket above the cubbies, and these days, it's getting pretty full. 
Next time you're in, take a moment to flip through the sweaters, stuffies, and slippers, and take anything you think is your's. Please! 
Also, if you happen to see the Black Bear or Meercat cubby cards in your child's bag, please do bring them back.  
Jiminy Crickets! 

The gecko eye
Once upon a time, there was a small and hard-working gecko. He ate crickets and slept on a comfy heat rock and lived happily with a flowering cactus plant.

One day, the gecko's lunch crickets were dropped into his tank, but before he could hunt them all, two escaped. They cricketed around the house, chirping to each other. Eventually they died, but not before the landlord of the house got an earful. He warned the gecko not to let it happen again. 

For a while, the gecko was careful, and caught all the crickets every time. He grew. Beautiful black spots dotted his yellow body. His long tail had a lovely blue tinge, and he shed his skin. Months passed, and he forgot the landlord's warning... Find out what happens on our blog.

Keeping up with the Bloggers


Last newsletter, we told you that Johanna and Lawrence had both embarked on their respective journeys into the world of blogging and digital documentation. 

If you haven't had a chance to check their pages yet, you can find them from the Projects section off our homepage, and they'll be archiving their entries so you can still find them later. We're super excited with all the buzzing activity, and can't wait to read all the updates. 

Find Lawrence's Page to find the weekly updates designing and building an aquaponic system. 

Bookmark Johanna's Page to keep up with the 3 - 5's program projects and her development as a Buddings teacher. (Spoiler Alert: She's doing awesome!) 

Happy Valentine's
Happy Valentine's Day to you! Happy Valentine's Day to you! We love you-uuu!
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