One of the best ways to increase open rates is making envelopes more interesting and relevant. 
Printing variable messages and images targeted to the addressee is the way to go.
What's on the Outside Counts!
How would you like to walk into your customer's office and tell them you can increase open rates on their direct mail sales letters? Would they be interested? Of course they would! Marketers know the ROI of unopened mail is zero. Any strategy that increases the number of eyes on their offers improves campaign performance.

Studies have shown mail recipients are much more likely to open envelopes with color headlines or graphics. In one study, 69% of adults said they would be more likely to open envelopes with any headline or message printed on the front. They were 247% more likely to open envelopes featuring color printing vs monochrome.

Printed Envelope

If you can't print high quality variable color messages and graphics on your envelopes today, it's something you should consider right away - before a competitor corners the market in your territory.

In Document Data Solutions' free eBook, "How to Spend Less and Charge More - The Secret Benefits of Variable Color Envelopes" we explain why legacy envelope printing methods are more expensive and less effective than when they were first introduced. We tell you how to differentiate your company from the competition, and why you can charge more for your services. At the same time, the book points out several ways variable color envelope printing can save money in materials, job set-up, and quality control.
It's a triple win - customers realize better results from their mailings, you get to charge more for the work, and your expenses decrease!

With variable color envelope printing included in your list of services your salespeople can pivot conversations away from mail production costs. Instead, they can talk about connecting mailed communications to your customer's goals. Your customers will enjoy more sales, more votes, or more donations by invoking the power of variable color messaging on their direct mail envelopes, simply because more of the mailpieces will be noticed and opened.

Printing variable data on envelopes during the inserting operation creates new opportunities for print and mail service providers to improve efficiency, achieve better postage rates, and realize savings throughout the organization. The eBook talks about those aspects of envelope printing too.

Ever think about the limitations imposed by window envelopes? Our eBook points out several advantages of switching to closed-face envelopes for some applications. DDS has always focused on mailpiece integrity and quality. We've built controls into our products to eliminate mismatching errors that may have kept you from considering a non-window solution in the past. We've included a section in the eBook about non-window envelopes that may inspire some creative ideas.

An envelope's job is to get opened. Print/mail service providers can now boost open rates for their customers by adding relevant and personalized text and graphics to the outside of the envelope - a location seen by every addressee. Download "How to Spend Less and Charge More - The Secret Benefits of Variable Color Envelopes" now to see how this technology can invigorate your business.

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