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It’s World Spay Day!

LA Animal Services Makes it Easy for Angelenos to 

Get Your Pet’s Free or Low-cost Spay or Neuter Voucher Today

Los Angeles, February 28, 2023 – With February being Spay and Neuter Awareness Month, and today being World Spay Day, LA Animal Services reminds pet owners of the importance of spaying neutering the pets in their lives. There are many health benefits to spaying and neutering your pets and LA Animal Services makes it easy for pet owners to ensure their pets get spayed or neutered with free vouchers or low-cost coupons that you can download from or pick up at any of our six LA Animal Services Centers. 

To download your coupon or voucher, visit, complete the application, and your free or low-cost spay/neuter voucher(s) will be emailed directly to your inbox. Spay/neuter vouchers are available to qualified residents and cover the full cost of a companion animal’s sterilization, while spay/neuter coupons are available to any LA City resident, and reduces the cost towards a spay/neuter surgery. Both spay/neuter vouchers and coupons may be used at participating veterinary hospitals and spay/neuter clinics. To view the list of participating veterinary hospitals that accept the free vouchers, click here. Participating veterinary hospitals who accept the discount coupons may be found here

“There are so many health benefits in spaying and neutering your pet,” said Annette Ramirez, Interim General Manager for LA Animal Services. “Spaying and neutering your pet prevents unwanted litters, which helps decrease overcrowding in shelters, discourages roaming, and lowers certain cancers, including testicular cancer in male dogs, and pyometra in female dogs, which can be fatal.”

The free Spay & Neuter Certificates/Vouchers and discount Spay & Neuter Coupons are available online for Los Angeles City residents, or are available for pick up at any of our LA Animal Services Centers. Each household is eligible for discounts for up to three dogs and three cats per household. Feral cats and stray dogs do not qualify for this program.

For more information about our spay/neuter program, as well as general benefits of spaying and neutering your pet, go to:

To donate to the Spay and Neuter Trust Fund, please visit

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LA Animal Services promotes and protects the health, safety, and welfare of animals and the people who love them, and is one of the largest municipal shelter systems in the United States. With six Centers across the City, LA Animal Services serves approximately 60,000 animals annually and responds to 20,000 emergency calls involving animals or people in danger. LA Animal Services is part of the Human Animal Support Services (HASS) international coalition, joining 38 municipal shelters and animal welfare organizations across the country to reimagine and transform the way shelters care for animals and their families, by offering access to resources to help keep families together; getting lost pets home quickly without having to enter the shelter system; providing food and medical assistance; and continuing to build on a strong adoption and foster program so pets find their permanent homes or are placed in foster care. Visit our link.tree for helpful links to the services and resources available to you and your companion animals. Connect with LA Animal Services and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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