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We will be celebrating 40 years as an association at the Meet & Mingle Wednesday evening. Help create some memories by stopping and take a selfie with our 40th Anniversary frame. When you post your photo to social media, use the hashtag #GNJMAturns40 and tag us!

A big THANK YOU to Meg Lewis and Resorts for hosting our event!
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We recently communicated reminders to pay your dues and to update your contact information for the 2022 Membership Directory. Payment can be made online at www.gnjma.com/payment - look for the PAY NOW button!

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We Can't Afford to Lose Anymore Buses in NJ
Pete Borowsky of Starr Tours recently penned an op-ed that was published in NJ.com. He shared the impact on his company and industry of the devastating effects the pandemic has had, and is still having. While we worked so far for the $2B in CERTS funding, it's not enough for the industry to survive. Read the full article here.
Adventure Tours Shares How They Can Add Value With Unique Services for Consumers
With each of Adventure Tours' charters, they provide a live link that allows their customers to track their vehicles in real-time. Their customers will have no second-guessing when their bus will show up, as they will have that information in the palm of their hand.
New Member Benefit! Impact Recruiting
Impact Recruiting by Kelly Anderson Group helps companies of all sizes. Whether they are acting as your temporary or permanent recruiting department, helping you through a time of growth, or just helping you catch up, they are here to do what you need done, when you need them, for as long as you need them. GNJMA members receive exclusive pricing. Get more information!
Lancer Insurance ELD Onboard Documentation
and Driving Training Video
From Lancer's Safety Blog: ELD Documentation and Supporting Documents
Motor carriers and drivers have specific requirements under the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations. Some of the most commonly cited violations pertain to the documents and materials drivers are required to have with them in the commercial motor vehicle (CMV), or that motor carriers must retain in their files, and provide to enforcement personnel upon request. Read more...

Lancer Insurance Driver Training Video: Brush Up on Customer Care, Passenger Safety and Accident Scene Best-Practices

Watch the Motorcoach Driver Effectiveness Training Part II: Customer Care, Passenger Safety, and Accident Scenes.
FMCSA Virtual 18 CARAT Training Workshop
Held September 21
GNJMA hosted the FMCSA NJ Division for a virtual 18 CARAT training workshop on September 21. CARAT stands for Compliance Assistance and Regulatory Accountability Training. The session was been streamlined to help refresh operators with certain FMCSA rules, regulations, and procedures in a Post-COVID recovery period. If you missed the session and are interested in a copy of the presentation, please contact us!
Recruiting and Retention Strategies That Work Webinar
Held September 23

GNJMA hosted this session and was facilitated by Kelly Anderson, President of GNJMA Platinum Sponsor and member Kelly Anderson Group on September 23, Kelly outlined industry-leading techniques that have helped hundreds of companies overcome the challenges of finding, recruiting, and keeping the drivers they need. We are happy to announce we have created a special discount for our members!
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