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Member News
DeCamp Bus Lines In The News

With No Aid in Sight, Motor Coach Industry Predicts Abyss

GNJMA Member, DeCamp Bus Lines in Montclair, N.J., began as a horse-and-buggy business 150 years ago, supporting six generations of the DeCamp family.  Now, a global pandemic has called its future - and the future of the entire motor coach industry - into question.  Read more...

DeCamp Bus Lines and Other Private Operators Challenge States to Share CARES Act Transit Funds

With Congress deadlocked over a new COVID-19 relief package that could include $10 billion in loans and grants to the private motorcoach industry, some operators, including DeCamp Bus Lines, are holding out hope that states will share some of the federal money they have already received but have yet to fully allocate.  Read more...
Saving the Private Bus and Motorcoach Industry

Tom JeBran, President of GNJMA member, Trans-Bridge Lines, as well as our Executive Director, were featured in a PBS feature TV piece about the plight of our industry.  Check out the interview here.
Panorama Tours Will Begin Second Run

GNJMA Member, Panorama Tours shared some breaking news on their Facebook page.  "After 3 months of regrowth and continued success with our BC1 line service to Atlantic City, we will FINALLY begin running a 2nd line! Stay tuned for introductions to our newest agents!"  Congratulations, Panorama!
One Liberty Philadelphia Observation Deck Closes

On Tuesday, September 15th, One Liberty Philadelphia Observation Deck suspended operations indefinitely to the public. All ticket sales, public tours, and events have been suspended. The drastic decrease of day trippers, group tour bookings, and overseas tourists due to COVID-19 pandemic led to the decision. In July, the Deck had reopened from a temporary closure in March, also due to the pandemic.

"The future of One Liberty Philadelphia Observation Deck is yet to be determined. We hope to once again be able to reengage with the public following this challenging time, and will continue to closely monitor the situation." said Jennifer Hesser, General Manager.  Read the press release.
How to Manage the Scene of a Motorcoach
Accident or Crisis

While you're taking the time to review and refresh your business practices, don't forget to review your SOP for Managing the Scene of an Accident or Crisis.

No driver plans to have an accident; crashes are sudden and unexpected events. However, what you and your drivers can plan for is how to manage the people and the scene when an accident occurs. Read the full article from GNJMA Gold Sponsor, Lancer Insurance's Bob Crescenzo.
GNJMA Destination & Attraction Member Open Status

We surveyed our Destination and Attraction Members to get their open status.  
We asked:
  • Are you accepting buses?
  • If so, are you requiring temperature checks as passengers disembark?
  • If not, what are your plans?
  • Anything else you would like to share?

Click here to download and view results.   Let us know if you are open!

Benefits of GNJMA Membership

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 Important Industry Updates & News 

We have been left out of the initial language in the last package, so we need your help, again.  We have heard that GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING behind the scenes, but we're not there yet, and we need to make our voices heard NOW.

FIRST: Call the Whitehouse: 202-456-1111
Step 1: Call 202-456-1111 and read below script (If it's busy, call the switchboard number - 202-456-1414 - and say you want to leave a message for President Trump. You may have to wait 5 minutes to speak with someone.)
Message Type: Contact the President and type in this script:
The critical motorcoach industry is dying and we need President Trump to save us! The CERTS Act has the majority of Congress supporting it and was left out of the House relief package. We need strong leadership and ask the President to stand up for the motorcoach industry. We must not be overlooked again. Thank you!
SECOND: Call the Senator McConnell's office: 202-224-3135
Read this script:
The critical motorcoach industry is dying and we need Leader McConnell to save us! The CERTS Act has the majority of Congress supporting it and was left out of the House relief package. We need strong leadership and ask the Leader to stand up for the motorcoach industry. We must not be overlooked again. Thank you!

THIRD:  Please share this email with your employees, customers, colleagues and friends.
CERTS Act Gains Majority Support!

Well, we have a majority in the House and the Senate.  We still want more cosponsors and are working to do so.  In New Jersey, we have made great progress in getting our NJ Representatives to cosponsor the Certs Act.  
All representatives have co-sponsored, except for Representative Donald Norcross.

Let's get 100% support!  Please contact Representative Norcross' staff to let him know why you want him to support this bill.  Below is the contact info:

Jared Karbowsky, Transportation LA

Ryan Ehly, Legislative Director & Appropriations LA

Michael Maitland, Chief of Staff

Read the email GNJMA President, Tim Stout of Stout's Transportation and the email GNJMA Board Member, Jonathan DeCamp of DeCamp Bus Lines sent to Representative Norcross for guidance on how you can structure your message.
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