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Member News
The L&W Team - GNJMA's Newest Platinum Sponsor    

The L&W Team is the newest GNJMA Platinum Sponsor.  They join ABC Companies, Grech Motors, Impact Solutions, MCI and Prevost in this category!  View all of GNJMA's Sponsoring Members and see how a sponsorship can benefit you.
Bailey Coach Has Launched a Sister Company That Offers Sanitizing Services    

John Bailey and his daughter Courtney Bailey from GNJMA Member, Bailey Coach launched Bailey's Zero Hazard, which is branded after the product that the company uses to disinfect vehicles. The company also offers fogging equipment and Zero Hazard, the cleaning product, for purchase. Bailey's Zero Hazard also provides emergency response service to COVID-19 outbreaks and operates 24 hours a day.  Read more...
NorthEast Charter & Tour Calls for Immediate Relief     

Scott Riccio, President of GNJMA Member NorthEast Charter & Tour spoke with News Center Maine about the state of the industry. While rail, airlines, city transit, and others have received direct support through federal monies earmarked for their survival, the Motorcoach industry continues to be on the outside looking in.  Read more...
Tonche Transit, Inc. - Trying To Stay Afloat     

When Glenn Every, President of GNJMA Member Tonche Transit received notice in early March that schools in the Hudson Valley of New York would close because of the coronavirus pandemic, he parked his fleet of 20 school buses thinking they would be running again in a few months.

To stay afloat, he furloughed nearly all 32 of his staff members, including his son. All told, his company has lost $750,000 because of the pandemic, a critical blow for his business, which averages $2 million a year in revenue.  Read more...
Harrah's and Caesars Casinos in Atlantic City Started Accepting Charter Buses on September 8th    

As of September 8, 2020, GNJMA Gold Sponsors, Harrah's and Caesars Casinos in Atlantic City started accepting charter buses Monday through Friday. Their new bonus package is $10 in slot play with $50 in slot play to the group leader.

Caesars Bus center will take buses 10am-9pm daily (except no arrivals from 12noon to 1pm),  Harrah's will take buses 10am-7pm daily (no arrivals at 11am) and is based on Management approval. Everyone must follow COVID procedures which can be found at caesarsac.com.

If you have any questions or would like to make a reservation at either one of these properties, please call 1-800-621-0200 option 6 Tuesday through Friday 9am-4pm or by email at acbusgroups@caesars.com.
Prevost Opens New Service Center Near DC    

GNJMA Platinum Sponsor, Prevost is growing again with the announcement that its newest service location in Capitol Heights, MD, is now open for business.

One of 19 Prevost service centers in North America, the facility is located at 1700 Rochell Avenue in Capitol Heights, approximately nine miles outside of the D.C. area.  Read more...
Join Us and FMCSA For Important Updates

We scheduled a virtual session to provide an overview of the changes in the Hours of Service rules, and also provide guidance on current Electronic Logging Device investigations.

In addition to Chris, FMCSA subject matter experts Lawrence Higgins, Stacy Ropp and Tim O'Donnell will be online to ensure all your questions are addressed.

When: Wednesday, September 23rd
Time:  10:00AM-11:00AM (EST)

This is a free session and all GNJMA members are welcome!

Register today!
GNJMA Destination & Attraction Member Open Status

We surveyed our Destination and Attraction Members to get their open status.  
We asked:
  • Are you accepting buses?
  • If so, are you requiring temperature checks as passengers disembark?
  • If not, what are your plans?
  • Anything else you would like to share?

Click here to download and view results.  Let us know if you are open!

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 Important Industry Updates & News 
Rep. Donald Norcross, the Only NJ Delegate Who Hasn't Co-Sponsored the Certs HR7642 Bill

We have made great progress in getting our Representatives to co-sponsor the Certs HR7642 Bill.  All NJ representatives have co-sponsored, except for Representative Donald Norcross.

GNJMA had a great conversation a couple of weeks ago with Representative Norcross' staff and we received very positive comments, but Norcross hasn't co-sponsored yet.

Let's get 100% support!  Please contact Representative Norcross' staff to let him know why you want him to support this bill.  Below is the contact info:

Jared Karbowsky, Transportation LA

Ryan Ehly, Legislative Director & Appropriations LA

Michael Maitland, Chief of Staff

Read the email GNJMA President, Tim Stout of Stout's Transportation and the email GNJMA Board Member, Jonathan DeCamp of DeCamp Bus Lines sent to Representative Norcross for guidance on how you can structure your message.
Senator Blumenthal Urges Immediate Support for the CERTS Act      

We thank Senator Richard Blumenthal for continuing to advocate for our industry!  Watch the video: 

Kid Rock Seeking Support for CERTS Act to Aid
Bus + Motor Coach Industry    

In a social media post, musician Kid Rock has directed fans to help in pushing for the passing of the CERTS Act, helping out the bus and motorcoach companies that help bands get from venue to venue.  Read more...
Certs Act Offers $10B for Motorcoach Biz    

A quiet night on the roads during Labor Day weekend 2020 has those in the motorcoach industry in a panic. Bus travel is way down, and there are no signs in the immediate future of recovery, but Congress could help.  Read more...
Senate Democrats Block GOP Relief Bill     

Senate Democrats blocked a GOP coronavirus bill on Thursday amid a deep stalemate over the next relief package.  Read more...
Payroll Tax Cut Starts     

President Donald Trump's payroll tax cut, which he issued through an executive memorandum, has important implications for many employees' paychecks.  Read more...
CDC Drops Quarantine Recommendation, Says to Follow State Guidelines     

The agency says travelers can follow quarantine guidelines of the state or territory they're visiting or returning to.  Read more...
2021 UCR Registration Period Begins October 1st    

Registration for the 2021 Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) registration year will open October 1, 2020, at 8:00 a.m. EDT. The fees will remain the same as they are for 2020 and are currently listed on the UCR Website.  Read more...
CVSA 2020 Operation Safe Driver Week Results     

Law enforcement personnel observed 66,421 drivers engaging in unsafe driver behaviors on roadways and issued 71,343 warnings and citations as part of Operation Safe Driver Week, a driver-focused safety initiative aimed at curbing dangerous driver behaviors through interactions with law enforcement.  Read more...
GNJMA Writes Governor About Gas Tax Increase    

We recently sent a Member Alert to let you know that GNJMA has submitted a letter to Governor Murphy sharing our opposition and requesting an amendment to the legislation.  If you missed it, you can read the Member Alert here.
Governor Murphy Updates

Murphy Signs Executive Order Allowing the Resumption of Indoor Dining  
Governor Phil Murphy signed Executive Order No. 183, which establishes rules for the resumption of indoor dining.  Read more...

He also warns that his administration will "not tolerate any violations, and we will not be afraid to come down hard and make an example of those who think the rules don't apply to them" regarding indoor dining health guidelines such as limiting capacity to 25%.  Read more...

Phase 3 - What Next?
Gov. Phil Murphy has a three-stage plan. Exactly where New Jersey is now is not so clear.  Read more...

Murphy Reveals Data on School District's Plans    
When schools reopen, dozens will be fully in person and more than 240 will be fully virtual, but the majority will be using a hybrid model of both.  Read more...

Murphy Signs Two Laws To Get NJ Drivers Out Of Long MVC Lines    
Gov. Phil Murphy signed new laws as NJ customers and lawmakers continue to complain about driver's license and MVC delays amid COVID-19.  Read more...
DOT Guidance on Revised Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form     

This guidance document discusses changes to the revised Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form (CCF), which was approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on August 17, 2020.  Read more...
FMCSA Updates

Public Comment on Pilot Program for Additional HOS Flexibility    
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced that it is seeking public comment on a pilot program to allow additional hours of service regulatory relief by allowing participating drivers to pause their on-duty driving period with one off-duty period up to three hours.  Read more...

Nearly $80 Million in Grants to Improve Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced that it has awarded nearly $80 million in grants to states and educational institutions to enhance commercial motor vehicle (CMV) safety. Today's awards represent the highest ever funding level for these critical safety grants.  Read more...

FMCSA Grants Nearly $2 Million to Bus & Truck Driver Training Schools
Recipients of these funds will work to expand the number of CDL holders possessing enhanced operator safety training to help reduce the severity and number of crashes on U.S. roads involving commercial motor vehicles; and assist current or former members of the United States Armed Forces (including National Guard members and Reservists) and their spouses to receive training to transition to the CMV operation industry.  Read more...

FMCSA Proposes New Under-21 Commercial Driver Pilot Program 
The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced that it is proposing and seeking public comments on a new pilot program to allow drivers aged 18, 19, and 20 to operate commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) in interstate commerce.   Read more...

Extension of the Modified Expanded Emergency Declaration 
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) hereby declares that the continuing national emergency warrants the extension of Emergency Declaration No. 2020-002.  Read more...
Small Businesses 'Hanging by a Thread,' Cannot Afford Tax Increase    

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy's $40.1 billion budget proposal calls for raising taxes on income between $1 million and $5 million.  Read more...
Bus Firms Fold As Pleas for Aid Go Unanswered, Stranding Needy    

Bus companies, which every year shuttle hundreds of millions of Americans, most of them working class, are being forced by the pandemic to suspend service and close shop while trains and airlines stay afloat with federal aid.  Read more...
Motorcoach Industry Helps Evacuation Efforts During Hurricane Laura    

Once weather forecasters knew that the storm was destined to affect the Gulf Coast, the motorcoach industry sprang into action-just as it always does during weather events like this, including the Northern California fires.  Read more...
NJ Small Business Recovery Programs Receive $15M from US Commerce    

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced that the Department's Economic Development Administration (EDA) is awarding $15 million in CARES Act Recovery Assistance grants to capitalize and administer Revolving Loan Funds (RLFs) that will provide critical gap financing to small businesses and entrepreneurs that have been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic across New Jersey.  Read more...
NJ Transit Is Leaving Private Bus Passengers in the Lurch | Opinion    

NJ Transit is the beneficiary of $1.4 billion in federal relief funds that it refuses to share with private buses responsible for an estimated one-third of scheduled bus service in our state.  Read more...
PA Districts Must Provide Transportation to Private School Students    

Pennsylvania school districts that provide transportation to both charter and nonpublic students will be reimbursed regardless of whether those districts are utilizing a remote or hybrid education model in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Read more...
Will Trump Let Congestion Pricing Happen?      

The MTA expects to face a $16 billion shortfall through 2024, and that's on top of long-neglected infrastructure modernization needs.  Read more...
New York City's Museums to Reopen    

City museums will institute a range of precautions, including reduced hours, reserved tickets, mandating masks, limiting attendance to a quarter of capacity, and closing movie theaters, coat rooms and food courts.  Read more...
Speed Limits Reduced at Nine of the Most Dangerous Streets in NYC    

Speed limits are being reduced by five miles per hour on nine of the most dangerous streets across New York City.  Read more...
NYS Thruway Will Be Cashless by End of 2020    

The final of 70 steel gantries has been erected ahead of the Thruway's conversion to cashless tolling system wide by the end of 2020.  Read more...
NYC to Stop Out-of-State Buses to Enforce
Quarantine Rules    

New York City will be pulling over buses coming from states with high coronavirus rates to require travelers to fill out registration forms and order them to quarantine.  Read more...
Schoharie Crash Limo Lawyers Say Victims Should Have Known Dangers    

Lawyers for Nauman Hussain claim their client is not responsible for the disaster because the victims should have known the limo was dangerous.  Read more...
DATTCO: Bus Industry Is Suffering Badly in Pandemic    
DATTCO hosted a press conference with Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who is trying to drum up support for a $10 billion relief package for the country's tour and transit bus operators, as well as the school bus and passenger ferry industries.  Read more...
Labor Day Caps Dismal Summer for Travel & Tourism  

The travel and tourism industry limped into the final weekend of summer, with layoffs looming for the fall and desperate hopes that a winter vaccine can help recoup what by then will be almost a year's worth of losses.  Read more...
Eight Ways to Make School Buses Safer During COVID-19  

The CDC recently updated its school bus guidance, and several educational transportation trade groups have produced a task force report with detailed guidance of their own.  Read more...
Prison Sentence Handed Down for Texting & Driving  

A NJ woman who was texting while driving when she crashed into the back of a car that struck and killed a pedestrian was sentenced to five years in prison. Read more...
Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) Mobile App Now Available   

Did you know TAT has an App available for all mobile phones?  Busing On The Lookout (BOTL) has one too!  Download them today!
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