Wow! Did you ever respond to the call for volunteers. My heart (my email and my voicemail) is full with the responses from so many who want to help make this happen in our community. Now that I have a full slate of volunteers, it is time to give them something to do all day!

Note: If you did not get a reply email with a schedule from me, you are not on the first schedule. Please wait for the next call for volunteers. There will be many opportunities to participate.

My projection is that, if all runs perfectly as planned, we can vaccinate approximately 196 physicians and medical staff per day. With a full slate daily, we can reach 588 guests. We will be scheduling your follow up vaccine before you leave the room after receiving your first dose. Bring your schedule. We will ask you to log in and schedule your return visit before you leave us. Reminder: If you are part of a hospital group, you should be receiving your vaccines from your hospital. Please contact your administrative team.

Vaccine appointments are on a first register basis. You MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT. There are very strict requirements that we must follow to be allowed to continue to do this. If we can schedule more days, we will do so as quickly as possible! Keep an eye on my emails and please feel free to share. Some people don't read my emails. Can you imagine?

-- Wendy Young, Executive Director
(707) 620-0808 |

or: | 707-525-4375