Yerba Buena was named one of the best companies to work for!
MG magazine has released their 50 best companies to work for in cannabis, and Yerba Buena made the list! We are honored to be listed among so many great companies and there are many more that rank right up there.

Doing the right thing by your people may not garner higher price points or distinction on the shelf, but the best humans are retained by the best companies.
We are proud to be one of them.
Join us at the 5th annual Cannabis Collaborative Conference!
We'll have the Yerba Barn there so stop by! We'd love to see you!
Light Up the Season!
A Fresh Menu is a Good Menu
Our new genetics continue to roll out as our hard work begins to
bear fruit. There are dozens more fresh cultivars on the way!

We will keep you posted on their progress.
Doing Vegas, Buena Style
Yerba Buena was present at the MJBiz Conference in Las Vegas again this year. We learned a lot, led a discussion or two, and made connections that will help serve our customers better as we continue to grow as a company.
Yerba Buena's Director of Operations, Laura Day, was a featured speaker on a panel discussing increasing harvest turn around time. Her main points include:

  • Allowing unique cultivars to reach optimal maturity rather than focusing solely on production timing.

  • Genetic variety, market relevancy, and quality are all factors to consider when choosing cultivars for a commercial cultivation facility.

  • A grow's strategy will largely depend on their goals, whether they are trying to become a high-quality boutique brand or a weed factory.
More Take-Aways from MJBizCon

  • It is time to stop referring customers to sativa, hybrid, or indica and instead concentrate on the effects of each varietal.
  • The FDA will regulate the cannabis industry, so prepare for those changes before they come.
  • The international business community has taken notice of the cannabis industry.
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