Cochran's Country Market

                                                                              Specials in effect Mar 9-Mar 14, 2017        

Angela with a selection of our Frozen Raw Dog Food.
Food? Dog Food? Raw Dog Food? Who Said Raw Dog Food?


Our freezer is well stocked with  Raw Dog Food.  The food packs include  Ground Chicken Breasts & Necks, and Ground Beef Organs  (heart, lung, liver) .  

We will put together a two week supply of food for your dog, packaged in feeding portions,so you don't have to deal with a large package (it's more convenient for smaller dog owners). Typically, a 40-60 lb dog will eat one pound of raw dog food a day.

Please see Troy in the meat department or call him at 849-6823 with the weight of your dog, and any special mixtures you'd like and he will do the rest. We're here to make your life easier.

If your dog is missing patches of hair due to allergies, then its time to try raw dog food and see the difference. Raw dog food also helps with your dog's bowels. The first couple of weeks might be a little messy but after that there's no more walking around the yard with a scoop - the dog on a raw food diet has bowel movements that are organic and turn to dust.

We also carry marrow bones and, on request, neck bones that are great for bigger dogs.

New Local Wine from Big Sky...

We've got Sea Buckthorn Wine in stock. 

F rom berries grown on Big Sky's certified organic Sea Buckthorn berry orchard. Delicious, subtle, refreshing and new.  

We carry four kinds of Sea Buckthorn Wine... Karma, Infusion, Mellow Moon and Clansman.

Have you tried it?


WIN an Easter Dinner!
Easter Eggs

One of our lucky subscribers will WIN everything they'll need for a lovely Easter Dinner Draw takes place April 13th We have regular draws to thank our loyal eFlyer subscribers!! 

If you're on  our eFlyer list, you are always IN to WIN! But if you're not on our l ist... sign up here or at the store (put your email address in our ballot box).  Check out all of our winners Watch for our next draw soon!

See you at Cochran's,


Tim Cochran    
(506) 849-4840  
PS: Grab a handful of Organic NB Garlic, carefully grown by the folks at Gagetown Garlic. Read all about Porcelain Garlic - the kind we carry - plus everything you've always wanted to know about garlic!
This Week's Specials...

Tri Tip

Grilling Steak








Back Ribs











Yummy Avocados 




Love Organic  

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