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Let's get serious about our weight and health
Article 2 in our series on Obesity
Don't accept being overweight because you don't have time
Think you don't have time to
lose weight and get healthier?
Well, there's never been
a better time than NOW
to start some healthy habits
that will turn into routine.

Start your routine with
Weight Watchers
WW PersonalPoints™

WARNING! WW PersonalPoints is NOT a DIET.

It works to fit your lifestyle--not the other way around

PersonalPoints works ... It's an easy-to-build routine

Gets you out of the
all-or-nothing mindset

PersonalPoints meets you where you are and encourages you toward a healthier lifestyle. Start with eating unique-to-you foods--your favorites because you choose them. Move on to moving more. You don't have to spend an hour at the gym to get healthy. When we can’t, we simply give up. Start easy –walking, yoga, or just stretching. It may be more than you are currently doing, and feels soo good! What you think is as important as what's on your plate so you'll learn how to be mindful. And sleep is more important than we think. Lack of sleep may sabotage your whole health plan! Read on for more information:

Never skip meals
You should eat breakfast and lunch and dinner. Add snacks in between. Fruit is one of the best treats and wonderful ZeroPoint™ snacks -no forbidden fruit! Make time for breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day It "break"s (the) "fast" you have been on through the night. You need re-fuelled!

Stay on the move
While having an hour to workout is ideal, you can burn calories by doing moderate exercise at short intervals throughout the day. If you can fit in 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes at lunch, and 10 minutes at night, five days a week, it will become routine in no time.

Eat what you love
You planned your PersonalPoints favorites. You can eat your favorites ... the "I can't live without it" foods; eat out with friends; BBQ with the neighbors ... do it all! Wine? Beer? Try our margarita recipe! Live your life -- full out!

Get a grip on your anxiety levels - get mindful
Stress has a big influence on appetite, food intake, and how the body processes energy, and people tend to underestimate that.

Make sure you sleep enough
This means that sleep may encourage you to become more active, and becoming more active may support better sleep. If you’re feeling unmotivated to hit the gym, focusing on your ZZZs may help workouts feel more doable.

Track how well you eat, move, relax and sleep
The WW app saves you time and makes it easier to follow your unique plan. Throughout the day, you know where you are and plan accordingly. Don't like Apps? We'll help you find a way to do it your way. We're here to make this work for you! Write it down! Some of us like to journal our day.

Have a Margarita on us!
Everything is Supersized, not just fast foods...
Fanny packs, XL clothes with hangers to accommodate them, couches, office chairs, movie seats, and even umbrellas, just to mention a few. And don't think the fast food places are doing us a favor by supersizing our portions!
This startling chart shows clearly where we stand
In the world of weight.
There's no good reason to wait.
A healthy lifestyle that includes good food and regular physical activity, helps people achieve and maintain good health starting at an early age and continuing throughout life. (CDC) That's WW PersonalPoints described!

It’s no secret that Americans have gotten much bigger over the past few decades. The signs are all around us, with larger clothing and clothes hangers, office chairs, movie seats, seat belt extenders, toilet seats, and too much more to list!

So what’s going on here ... in addition to fast food, of course?
In America, the unhealthiest foods are the tastiest foods, the cheapest foods, the most expensive out-for-the-night foods, the largest-portion foods, the most available foods, and the most fun foods! No excuses, but true.

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The only commitment you make is to yourself
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It's your life. Not a diet.
You get your Personal Coach
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In addition to the savings offers in play, we’re giving you our heartfelt pledge that we will be here when you choose to take the first step to a healthier you. It’s your decision. On your time.
WW takes into account how you choose to lose weight, move more the foods you want, be more self-aware, and even sleep better!

Because you create Your own PersonalPoints program, it is totally unique to you. By doing so, you begin a new lifestyle ... that's SO VERY DIFFERENT

Go to your Meeting ...
Learn it, Live it, and Love it!
It's the most flexible program
in the history of Weight Watchers.

Eat! Drink! Live full out following The WW Four Pillars!
Mindset: Ideas to create a successful morning routine!
Sleep: Revamp Your Nighttime Routine!
Food: Meal planning is a lost art—and we’re bringing it back!
Activity: Ways to Make Regular Exercise a Reality!
This week's letter from DebW
General Manager and Voice of Philadelphia
Hello WW Philadelphia Members and Friends,
What is needed to make a healthier life possible? Creating a new lifestyle routine ... maybe a SUPERPOWER ROUTINE!

These are some of the eating Superpowers I discovered in Workshops. You know it's surprising how much we learn there. We're all talking together with–not at each other! No formalities at all. I look at my Workshop as a time for myself to get together with a group of friends, have fun, get motivated and stay that way!

Superpower #1: The Prepper - Every Sunday evening or after Saturday’s shopping trip; outcome the containers, jars, and plastic to prep veggies for salads, fruit for snacks, ingredients for this week’s meals, and lunches for work. 
Superpower #2: The Planner – This Member pre-plans, some pre-plan the day, some two or three days, and some a full week of meals. Then the planner surveys the groceries on hand, makes a list of the needed items, and a trip to the grocery store, all done.
Superpower #3: Another kind of Planner – This Member doesn’t plan the food but plans out the use of POINTS instead. One version of this is to divide your daily point budget into three and then fill out meals with zero POINT food choices. The unused POINTS from earlier meals in the day are pushed into the next snack or meal. This kind of planner might look like they are flying by the seat of their pants but is truly in control by keeping each meal’s POINT budget in mind when making food decisions.
Superpower #4: This Member has a certain mastery of Discipline – This mastery mimics a skill born in people who seemingly keep their healthy weight without effort. You all know
one or many of them, those who are not calorically challenged. This superpower involves the ability to not eat food when it doesn’t taste as good or doesn’t seem as satisfying as you thought it was going to be prior to the first bite. This skill takes a whole lot of that mindful awareness allowing for a moment of total sensory eating before scarfing the whole item down. Members mastering this skill choose to not finish the food because “it wasn’t worth it".
Superpower #5: Members with this skill should wear CAPES – This skill is even more elusive than the prior 4, it is the ability to discard, give away or in some other way get a perfectly good, desirable item out of the way and out of your mind. An example would be to discard a perfectly good piece of dessert sent home with you by a “friend.” 

My lack of superpower #5 rears its head in drive-up windows. First, before WW, drive-up windows were my cover. By cover I mean, I could order pretending to be a family of four. I know you think I said that in jest and while I laugh now, it was true. “Yes, I need four small drinks with that.” Because of the anonymity of the drive-up window, I have avoided them for years and instead make myself park the car and go inside to order.
One action I have found to be cathartic regarding my relationship with food is volunteering in places that serve our community when having enough nutrition is a challenge. I can sort canned food at the food bank, assist with the making of the emergency food boxes, deliver meals to the elderly, and even pay for a young mother’s extra, but still necessary items that were not covered by EBT.  
Placing food in the proper perspective in our lives is a huge step to living a healthier, longer life. Yes, we celebrate every special moment with food but realizing an abundance of food, let alone healthy food, is not available to all is an important awareness. And might cause some additional thoughts about our relationship with it.
At WW meetings, we laugh and learn from the stories shared by others. I hope you’ll take a little time for yourself this week and come to a Workshop.
Have a great day and bless another person with a little kindness,
Deb Wright
General Manager
Voice of Philadelphia
Summertime grilling!
Delicious Recipes That Totally Fit Into Your Budget
“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.”

—Mike Murdock

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