January 2020
I cannot believe it is 2020 but there is still time to evaluate 2019. Every year, I set aside some time to answer four pages of annual evaluation, reflecting and reviewing the prior year. If this is not a part of your year end, it should be.

We are destined to recreate our mistakes if we do not honestly reflect on what happened.
Here are 10 that I have pulled out for you to consider.

  1. Generally speaking, how would you rate your practice's business success last year on a scale of 1-10 (10 being top)?
  2. What top 3 changes did you make for 2019 that increased the practice's success?
  3. What top 3 changes should you have made in 2019 to increase the practice's success?
  4. What really dumb thing did you do in 2019 and what change can you make to not repeat it in 2020?
  5. What was your most successful ROI (Return On Investment) - new service, community outreach, remodeling)?
  6. If a patient were to give an annual performance review on you, what would they say?
  7. How are you the solution for what keeps your patients up at night?
  8. What sets you apart from everyone else that offers the same solution?
  9. What do you need the most help with in 2020?
  10. Take the time now to write out 5 2020 business goals for your practice.

Want to download these questions (PDF) to print and answer, download here . If you would ask these questions a part of your team meetings, you may be surprised at some of the answers.

Need some reading materials for the New Year?
One of my greatest joys is reading and one of my most well worn books is Take The Stairs, by Rory Vaden. It is an easy to read book, yet compelling and thought provoking. The introduction is very appropriately named "Waking Up in a ProcrastiNation." Chapters focus on 7 steps to achieving true success. It is a great read to start the new year if you are looking for reading material.

Another recently well worn book is Rocket Fuel, by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters . This book helped me better understand the difference between the visionary and activator roles in my business. Learning the roles and how to let go is still a work-in-progress but I can already see the enhancements made from this model.

And, of course, if you have not gotten or read my book Money In, Money Out, n ow is the time! Learn what you don't know about your own practice and put easy to implement systems and procedures into place. If you need help, that is what I am here for. Call me!

2020 is ripe with new opportunities. Let's focus on this being the best year yet!
In the Mail Bag

Last month I received an email from a podcast listener of Kate Willeford's Coffee with Kate. The dentist stated that her practice had requested numerous times to receive paper checks instead of virtual credit cards but the insurance company refused.

I realize this dentist may not be the only one experiencing this, so let me share my response:

This is a common bully tactic by the card company. They are the ones benefiting from the virtual cards, not the practice. Do not call the card issuer but call the insurance company directly.

If it is the insurance company refusing to pay by any means other than a virtual credit card, simply reply that the State Insurance Commissioner's Office would love to hear about how they are forcing you to take a virtual credit card for payment.

It is illegal to not offer an EFT payments from an Insurance company - it is a federal law that is regulated by the state.

Read this ADA article and refer to it when you speak with them.
Just as a reminder, if you have not written an Amazon review for Money In, Money Out , please help other practices know how valuable this resource is by doing so here .

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Reviewed in the United States on January 6, 2020
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I purchased this book because we recently purchased 2 dental practice. As brand new owners we wanted to formulate a system so everything is standardized to decrease work for us. Susan lays down everything step by step. She explains why she recommends certain procedures done a certain way. Her system will go on to make our lives easier in terms of operating the business, bookkeeping as well as decreasing chance for embezzlement. This should be the first book you get if you're opening or acquiring a dental practice!!!
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