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New Year, New Deals

Ring in the New Year with new opportunities and adventures for

our members and for our YOUTH!

The Yarmouth Art Guild is now inviting the STUDENT YOUTH in our communities to join the YAG Team of Artists! Be sure to tell your family members, neighbors and friends our good news!


may join us...

Summer Outdoor Tent Displays/Sales

Our YOUTH may join our Saturday Summer Tent Sales beginning last Saturday in June throughout summer until first Saturday in September.

Indoor Fall and Spring Sh0ws

at the Cultural Center

of Cape Cod

Students Welcome!

The Student YOUTH in our communities may register to display their artwork in our annual shows at the Cultural Center or register to display at various Yarmouth business sites such as: Yarmouth Town Hall,

and others when they open:

Cape Cod 5 Bank. Oliver's Restaurant, libraries, and art theaters.


SPACIOUS GREAT ROOM social distancing easily maintained o


Jan. 6, 2021 - 10 am

Jerome Greene

DEMO Artist


Eileen (Cis) Poremba

our YAG Showcase Display


Join us in person in the large socially distanced

"Great Room" at the

Cultural Center of Cape Cod,

307 Old Main St., So. Yarmouth [508 - 394-7100]

General Meetings


January - May and

September -Nov.

Student Youth may join us. All meetings are recorded or viewed via ZOOM.

Copy link below and paste in your address bar and then click:

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 836 7715 8584

Passcode: 176660

Contact: info@yarmouthartguild.org



Why Should Students Join Us?

  • Share and learn all about art.
  • Enjoy our Art/Sales Mentoring Program -" A How To".
  • Share your talents - join our board meetings (in person or board minutes are available).
  • REDUCED membership rate for students.
  • FREE membership - join our Task Force to increase our media presence (a form of internship) reviewing platforms and targeted marketing efforts, as well as strategies.
  • Sell your artwork and earn funds to be used toward educational expenses.
  • Join us for our ZOOM social gatherings. Share your unique art, stories and have fun!

CONTACT us: info@yarmouthartguild.org

Website: yarmouthartguild.org

Check our new section: "ART FOR SALE"

STUDENTS may join YAG Art Gallery sale at reduced rate.


Joan Johnson, President

Healthy Happy

New Year!

Pick up that brush

and smile!


In the New Year . . .

PATIENCE is the key!

May we strive to give

rather than receive

as those efforts

will double as they return.

May we continue to grow as artists who deeply appreciate the earth and all its inhabitants.

May our YAG presence be a vehicle of art appreciation and growth that enhances and improves humankind.


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