A Note from Scott and Marsha
July 25, 2019
Summer is in full swing now and I'm sure you have a gazillion butterflies and bumble bees loving on your garden like we do.  Who doesn't love a good garden party, am I right? (Said no introvert ever.) 

So the party starts with picking up a bottle of Moscow Mule Mixer. Then, go home and drop the bottle in the garage. No, shatter the bottle in the garage. Grab a rag laying around and haphazardly wipe up the syrupy liquid with the glass and throw the rag half in/half out of the garbage can at the road. At some point, flip a pre-cut watermelon container upside down in your grocery bag just for funnzies. Allow the excess watermelon juice to drip as well because you can never have enough liquid on the garage floor. Go make your party food/dinner and wait.  

Wait for the text from a neighbor telling you to be careful because you have a pretty nasty nest near your garbage cans. Wait, what?? Then proceed outside because that is where the party is. What party? Hundreds, HUNDREDS, possibly thousands of (what I thought were honey bees) on your house, in your garage and all over the can. It was like a bad science fiction movie. 

I panic thinking, OMG. You are not supposed to feed refined sugar to bumble bees. They are going to die and we have just killed 10 hives.

Pieces of my heart cracked off. I heard music from Netflix "Stranger Things" in the background.  

Scott is outside with the water hose spraying down the can in a fire fighter stance accomplishing absolutely nothing. I immediately research the bees/sugar dilemma praying I can find something that says it's going to be okay and I don't, of course. And no, there isn't one blasted article on "bumble bees eat Moscow Mule Mixer" on the internet so  Google does NOT KNOW  " everything" . It's doomsday. Ba-ba-ba-bummmmm. Surely the party will disperse at dark. We will wait because all parties end at dark. We go to bed.  

Next day, I receive the morning-after text: "They are NOT bumble bees. They are yellow jackets, and they are still here. Less of them, but still here." 

The party was still going, but PRAISE THE LORD. THE HONEY BEE PREVAILS! (That's all the mattered to me.) I google the benefits of Yellow Jackets/ Wasps. Basically, we cleared the greater vicinity/neighborhood of all mosquitoes, gnats, flies and other insects annoying to humans. So, you're welcome. Scott lost 2 hours of his evening and 1 hour in the morning trying to clean up his little fiasco. All from one small, glass bottle he brought home to make my favorite drink. Sigh ..... blink, blink. Scott...love you still.  

Moral of the story? Sometimes it just isn't worth being sweet.  But if you are looking for something sweet, a SA-WEET order of indoor house plants has arrived. While we can't mix you a Moscow Mule in the garden, we can mix up your interior with a gorgeous variety of plants. See what I did there? I crack myself up. Now buzz on over soon!  BAHAHAHAAA!
Tropical Tuesday is every Tuesday in July and August! Tropical Tuesday is the perfect opportunity to fill your home with houseplants for less! All of our houseplants are 10% OFF every Tuesday in July and August.
Judy choice this week is the adorable Pony Tail Palm. If you are looking for a low-maintenance plant, look no further. A Pony Tail Palm just needs a bright spot and water when the soil dries out completely. They live for a long time, so as long as you don't over-water, you could enjoy this plant for years (even decades) to come.
We have quite a variety of herbs in stock. Plant an entire herb garden, or choose one like this beautiful lavender to plant in a container where you can enjoy its fragrance. You can use lavender in recipes for an elegant flavor profile, or dry it and make teas, or potpourri satchels. Lavender has many health benefits for the mind and body!
These medium-sized conifers can provide screening and privacy. The dense foliage should stay green and beautiful year-round. Emerald Green Arborvitae grow 8-10 feet tall and 3-5 feet wide. It is also versatile in where you can plant--handling full-sun but also tolerating part shade. Use in a hedge or as a specimen plant.

Come learn about a garden or plant-related topic, create a themed craft, enjoy a snack and a walk around the Garden Center. Cost is only $5 for kids ages 4-10.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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Saturday, August 3, 2019 

Growing cool season vegetables in the Triangle presents unique challenges and rewards. Topics will include species and varieties that can be successfully raised when the tomatoes and peppers have finally finished. We'll discuss planning early for late-season planting as well as the different demands of fall temperatures, moisture and soil depletion . We'll also cover techniques and materials that aid in over-wintering of certain crops, as well as how to prepare beds in the fall for spring planting.
Presenter: Brenda Stone-Wiggins, Durham County Master Gardener
Registration deadline: July 26

REGISTER HERE . For questions, call Julia at (919)484-9759, ext. 101 or email julia@fgsdurham.com .
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