September News from Howard County Recycling
For a Limited Time at the Alpha Ridge Landfill
Recycling VS Trash - Aerosol Cans

EMPTY aerosol cans are recyclable!
 Remember those cans from your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and garage. As long as they're empty, they're good to go for recycling.
What Should I Do With...? EZ-Passes
Residents have received letters about applying for new EZ-Passes and are wondering what to do with the old ones. Unfortunately, old EZ-passes are NOT recyclable and should be placed with your regular trash.
Labor Day Reminder

There will be NO curbside collection on Labor Day. All curbside collections of recycling, yard trim and trash will slide and be made one day later that week. County Offices and the Alpha Ridge Landfill will be CLOSED on Monday, September 3. 6 holidays