Overnight Camping UPDATE
June 16, 2020

9am-7pm or
or On CampersApp

Enjoy Fish Lake Beach with your family and friends!

Overnight Camping season began May 29, 2020, however, some restrictions have been reduced since that date! Read below for the current status of the park.

What’s New as of 6/16/20

Welcome Campers!
Camping for Tents, Pop-Up’s, RV’s and Rentals are all available! To book reservations call 847-546-2228 between 9am-7pm or go on line! We now offer online booking ! NOTE : Online booking for monthly sites and special site requests must be done over the phone.

The store is open for ice cream, candy, soda, chips, souvenirs, t-shirts, sweatshirts and bagged ice! We'll be adding a limited menu of snacks within a week or so. Please respect these guidelines while in the store: Maximum of 6 customers in the store at a time, stay 6ft. apart from others and wear a face masks. No dining inside the store. 

We’re renting watercraft! Check out our new pedalboats, kayaks and canoes! Each rental includes the use of lifejackets at no additional cost. Renters must be 18 years old or over, provide a Drivers License for us to hold until the equipment is returned and sign a rental waiver. Watercraft users must be 13+ w/parent consent to use Pedal boats, Paddle boards or Kayaks. Canoes and Rowboat users must be 18+. All w atercraft use is at your own risk .
Watercraft Rental Rates
  • Canoe  $15 per hour
  • Rowboat  $15 per day
  • Pedal boat  $10 per hour, $7 per 1/2 hour
  • Stand up paddleboard  $10 per hour
  • Single Kayak  $10 per hour.
  • Double Kayak $15 per hour.
Get firewood on Fridays & Saturdays and have it delivered! Call 847-546-2228 to buy split logs (with credit card) by 3pm for early delivery. "Buy on the fly" from Shane when you see him delivering wood throughout the park-however, you'll need to pay cash at the gate first. Delivery available between 4-8pm on that same day. Split logs are $12 for 15 logs. 30 log maximum order. Packaged bundles are $7.00.

Checking-in has never been faster or easer! If you arrive when there is an attendant at the gate, you can check-in at the gatehouse on a touchscreen! A copy of your check-in waiver will be emailed to you immediately.

What can we do at Fish Lake Beach right now?
The Following Are Permitted By Campers. We are not open to the public. These are availalbe for campers only:
  • Beach area is open for walking, relaxing-socially distance from others. Walking on shore ok, entering water to ankle level only. Playing in the 4 large sand piles!
  • Dog Park-socially distance from others
  • Campfires in the fire ring at the campsite.
  • Bike riding, walking, dog walking-on leash, throughout the park, 6 ft apart from others.
  • Fishing from the shore and pier 6 ft. apart from others.
  • Use of your own non motorized watercraft, e.g. canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, etc. OR – Fish Lake Beach watercraft rentals.
  • Gaga Ball, Basketball, Volleyball and Softball Fields-with your own equipment.
  • The store by the beach is open; 6 people in the store at a time, 6 ft. apart, please wear a mask. We're offering the following for purchase: ice cream, bagged ice, souvenirs, candy, chips, soda, water along with mini-golf and boat rental. Hours: 9am-7pm, 7 days a week.
  • The Pavilion is open-please stay 6 ft apart from other families.
  • Laundry machines near the Pavilion are open and ready for use.
  • Bath Houses at the store and Pavilion are open and ready for use.
  • While camping, visitors/guests are not permitted due to COVID19
  • Certain amenities, activities and access may be restricted during your stay due to COVID19.
  • Please refer to the NEWS section of the Fish Lake Beach website for the most current status. The status MAY change based upon the terms and conditions of the governors stay at home orders and the Illinois Department of Health.
  • These areas of the park are CLOSED: Lake Swimming, Playgrounds, Pool/Hot tub. Regarding our pool and hot tub: Governor Pritzker has not updated the restrictions for pools in campgrounds. We received a letter from Lake County reminding us that our pool and swimming in the lake must remain closed until Phase 4. The SOONEST that may occur is June 26th. 

What can I do to help?
  • Covid19 hasn't gone away. We urge our campers to continue to be diligent with hand washing, wearing a mask when social distancing is not possible, and following CDC guidelines. We all must take personal responsibility for reducing the risk of spreading or aquiring the virus.
  • Our staff is frequently cleaning and sanitizing common areas that are open.
  • If you or any of your family members are sick or experiencing symptoms consistent with the Covid19 virus do not come to Fish Lake Beach.
  • Stick to gatherings with no more than 10 people at your campsite.
  • Separately, please do not flush these in your RV toilet or any toilet on the property: disinfecting wipes, baby wipes, personal hygiene wipes, cleaning wipes or wipes of any kind, including wipes labeled ‘flushable’. Wipes cannot be processed by our septic systems and end up damaging pumps and tanks. Also, if you’re camping in an RV, please use biodegradable RV toilet paper for that same reason. If our pumps break down our staff has to repair them and turn off water and sewer systems during that process for a lengthy period.