St. John's High School
Home of the Mighty Islanders
The St. John's High School is home to the to the Mighty Islanders. Mighty Islanders are exceptional leaders, kind friends, and supportive community members. All students at St. John's High School are supported by this community to reach their absolute highest potential, so that they too, can become part of an alumni family that not just contributes to a better world, but takes responsibility for it. We are the Mighty Islanders, and we will be known!
Message from the Principal

Happy New School Year! I am so excited to be a part of this school for another year. As we continue to define ourselves as Mighty Islanders, we believe this is our year to ELEVATE. Elevate expectations, elevate our relationships, and elevate our outcomes. As you know, our student body continues to grow. With this growth, it is incumbent on all of us to ensure that we hold true to what it means to be a Mighty Islander. Our students are ready for your involvement, your encouragement, and your high standards. In fact, nothing would make them happier than to see you in our school, at our games, and our performances. Even if you don't have children here, we are your high school and are ready to make you proud! So come have lunch, take a tour (I've been offering this for 3 years you know) or volunteer. It's really simple to make a difference in a teenager's life.
New Faces at St. John's
Kaytie Wilson
Ms. Wilson is one of our Counselors. She is returning to the South Carolina from Colorado, where she spent a year as a middle school counselor.
Kevin Condon
Mr. Condon is an Instructional Assistant in our classroom for students with special needs. He is well versed in supporting our students as he has an extensive background both in Charleston and Georgia.
Patricia Lillibridge
Ms. Lillibridge comes to us from Wando High School as an Assistant Principal. She is an experienced administrator who brings skills in instructional leadership, systems management, testing and special education. She was also an administrator in California.
Lauren Reese
Ms. Reese is a new teacher that just graduated from the College of Charleston. While she may be new to teaching, she is far from new to our students. She became well known to our students by being a leader for Upward Bound. She is teaching social studies.
Sara Juergens
Ms. Juergens is a Special Education Teacher here. Before joining our team she was a teacher at Deer Park Middle School. Since being hired, she has moved to John's Island to be a part of the community she serves.
Jaquiline Wilson
Ms. Wilson has returned to St. John's High School as our College and Career Counselor. Previously at Haut Gap, she is excited to continue expanding our internship program and get our students connected to real world experiences.
Lavern McCanic
Mrs. McCanic has joined our team as our receptionist. She was previously at West Ashley High School and has quickly become one of us.
Jerome McDaniel
Mr. McDaniel is one of our Assistant Principals. Mr. McDaniel is a veteran administrator and brings with him a tremendous background in school safety, instructional leadership and student services. Before becoming an Islander he served as an administrator at Burke High School.
Edward Richardson
Mr. Richardson is our newest CTE teacher. Mr. Richardson teaches business classes like Accounting, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. He most recently taught at Garrett Academy.
Eli Walker
Mr. Walker comes to us from Manning High School. He has joined our team as an English teacher and will be teaching our freshman. Mr. Walker has an amazing teaching repertoire and is already getting our students connected to literacy in amazing ways.
Isaac Legare
Mr. Legare has become an Islander! Although...he really always has been. Mr. Legare comes to us from Haut Gap, and is one of our History Teachers. He is also responsible for family and community engagement here at St. John's.
Michael Arnett
Mr. Arnett joined our team as an art teacher. He is AP certified and is excited to grow our program over the next few years. He is an experienced teacher and has come to us from Beaufort, SC.
Gertie Smalls-Ford
Mrs. Ford was a substitute teacher here at St. John's last year, and has joined our team as our Focus Facilitator. She has an extensive background in supporting families and children and will be responsible for helping our students fix any issues they have in class, and getting them back to it!
Debora Bobo
Mrs. Bobo has joined our team as a Library Media Specialist. As some of you may know, our library went through a full overhaul last summer, and Mrs. Bobo has done an amazing job bringing it to life for our students. She was previously a Library Media Specialist at Sanders Clyde.
Two Great Freshmen
I met this young man two years ago when he was a 7th grader at Haut Gap Middle School, and how he is aaaallll ours. Meet D'Shawn. Not only is he an incredible dancer, style-maker and social influencer, he is a leader in the classroom. He engages with his teachers, connects with the kids around him, and just makes people smile.
Equally impressive her own way is this young lady. I met her last year as an 8th grader when she was competing on our girls track team. I was struck by how willing she was (and still is) to take risks and try new things. She is an excellent example of both an athlete and an academic. Meet Kayla!
Students Build "Honor Island"
Last year's juniors had a vision (and some money). They were asked to design a courtyard that would be a special place for students who achieved a high academic standing. This summer, Kevon & Bernardica were joined by some of their friends to plant, mulch, arrange, paint and beautify the center courtyard. Students who are on the honor role are given a sticker to place on their badge. This gives them free range of the courtyard to relax, study, and hang out with friends.

A special thanks to Christopher and his mother Marisol for clearing each and every weed prior to work being done. Incredible!
Homecoming *Important*

Homecoming is coming! Sounds redundant. But it is coming! Please mark your calendars for the week of October 21st. If you are a tail-gater, or would like to be in the parade please make sure that you connect with Sam Duncan at Homecoming is a major fundraiser for our student body, and your participation will help us build our student activities program (including clubs like Academic Team, Student Council, and Mr. and Ms. St. John's.)
Future Islander Night, September 6th, 7:00

Mark your calendars for Future Islanders Night on September 6, as we take on Legion Collegiate. All Future Islanders will be admitted into the game for free (with a paying adult who will stay the entire game ;)). This game is a "Blue Out" so wear everything you have that is royal blue! Pompoms will be handed out to the first 75 spectators!

Our cheerleaders will also be hosting a Future Islander Cheerleaders night where our young people can cheer alongside our team during the first quarter and during half time. The fee is $20 and all proceeds will go to our cheerleading program. For more information contact our cheer coach, Ms. Culbertson at Prizes will be handed out for the most spirited cheerleader!

St. John's High School Unveils Literacy Model

One of the most important things we do at school is read. Every course our students take requires high levels of literacy skills. Each student has what is called a Lexile level. This number tells us at what level students able to read and comprehend. Please ask your child what their Lexile level is, and connect with their teachers to see what you can do at home to "Elevate" it.

Back to School Night
If you are a parent, please plan to attend our Back to School Night on September 12th at 6:00. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason not to attend this event. If you really just can't make it, send someone in your place. You get to meet your child's teachers, see what they are working on, and let the teachers tell you stories about how wonderful your child is. I know you went to these when your child was in elementary school, but it's as important even now as high schoolers.
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