2017 Open Enrollment 

Not everyone is lucky enough to have perfect, healthy teeth and 20/20 vision. For those who need a little help in these areas, dental and vision insurance can take the bite out of high costs.
DENTAL: Brethren Insurance Services uses Delta Dental, which provides comprehensive coverage for both in-network and out-of-network providers. Dentists within the network typically discount their fees by a greater amount than non-network dentists, so that is one way you can save money and extend your benefits. Preventive services by any dentist are covered 100 percent, no matter what plan you choose. Check out the Delta Dental summary of benefits here.

VISION: Through EyeMed, Brethren Insurance Services has vision plans that offer coverage on everything from eye exams and glasses to LASIK surgery. There are also more than 50 retail options across the country that provide vision benefits that are easy to use, flexible, and convenient. Check out the EyeMed summary of benefits here.
If you have questions, please contact Connie Sandman, member services representative, at insurance@cobbt.org or 800-746-1505, ext. 366.
Coverage is effective Jan. 1, 2017.  
Lynnae, Tammy, and Connie

Insurance products available during Open Enrollment*

● Pays 60 percent of your weekly salary
● Maternity benefits
● Available without underwriting

● Pays 66⅔ percent of your salary, up to $5,000 a month, after 90 days of 
   continuous disability
● Catastrophic Disability Benefit 

Critical Illness
● Covers many of the costs associated with treating a critical illness 
   (cancer or
heart failure, for example) 
● Covers lost income, co-pays, deductibles, transportation to and from
   treatment, living expenses, and more

Accident Insurance
● Covers the extra costs you incur if you have an accident of any kind
   (car, bike,
sidewalk slip, household  accident, etc.) 
● Gives you an additional level of coverage and security for those things
   not covered
by your primary medical insurance
● No underwriting if you sign up during the enrollment period

Medicare Supplement
● Pays for some of the health care costs that Medicare Parts A and B
   do not cover
● Covers co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles for Medicare-
● Covers basic and major services as well as orthodontia
● Three plan options 
● In partnership with Delta Dental of Illinois 
● Covers exams, lenses, and/or contact lenses
● Three plan options 
● In partnership with EyeMed
Supplemental Life
● See enrollment forms for specific information.

*Check with your Human Resources department about the availability of products at your organization.