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June 2, 2015 

Time is passing! It's already June!

If you've been wondering about our "weekly" newsletter, we admit, it's been a while. Here in Pacific Normal Time, each day has 24 hours, but these days it just doesn't seem to be enough. We've got a hectic schedule, and we're taking measure to keep up!

We're drawing on ancient wisdom, modern methods (and cash incentives), to find out how you spend your time, when visiting our website. We want to improve your experience, and would love to hear your feedback, via our website improvement survey. We'll be reminding you throughout the month, but if you fill it in this week, there's $100 in it...

Part of our time crunch is the result of some staff math that just doesn't add up. One busy daycare, minus our number one teacher/mama-to-be (with no additional Mexican powerhouse), equals a floor team with a giant hole in the middle. We're on the hunt for a solution, and look forward to solving it soon. 

Parent pick ups and drop offs, on the other hand have been speeding way up. Double parking makes people hop to, but we know the frustration is mounting. We ask the tough questions about the parking lot construction, and bring the answers to you on the blog. 

Is there a way to get more done in a day? Philosophers will be pondering that one until the end of time... 

Centre News
Checking in WITH YOU about Buddings

The quote by Epictetus about having "two ears and one mouth, so we can listen twice as much as we speak," is almost 2,000 years old, and is as appropriate for our relationships with children as it is for the very modern world of websites. 

In fact, listening to users about what they love and hate about websites (and childcare), was how Buddings got started in the first place.

So we built it, and you came, and we're so so happy you're here! But, could we do better?

This month, we want to hear from you about our website. We want to know if it's working for you, and how we could improve.

Please, please take a moment to complete the multiple choice questionnaire, and leave a comment in every single box, if you want to. It won't take more than 10 minutes, but if you've ever been a member, we'll credit you 3 hours of childcare in June, and even if you just like taking surveys, you could win $100 gift card.

We're going to read it all, and your feedback will help us improve our services, delivery, and will inform us on taking the company forward.
Teachers Adding Up!

We had our "goodbye" party for Jen at the end of May, and heard back from Denet about her work permit the next day, but it took a little time to put the two and two together.

The short version is that the permit got rejected, so Denet won't be back any time soon. Maybe one day, but not soon.  The long version is on the blog

The outcome is that we are hiring, and our process includes a daycare observation session, which takes some time. It's important to find the right fit. 

We've met some really amazing applicants, and are looking forward to introducing you to some new faces.

A decision is in the works. We'll keep you posted. 
Parking Perseverance... and Patience

If your family has attended Buddings in the last month, you'll have noticed something strange about the parking. It's problematic. It's frustrating. There are no spots, and people are on edge. Really on edge. 

The lot serves all the businesses in our complex, but the alley is shared with apartment buildings, and the residents and their cars are affected as well. People want to know when it will be finished! (Answer: within a couple of weeks.)

At Buddings, we hear your questions (and we have a few of our own!), so Talia and the kids decided to get to the bottom of it! Her undercover expos? is on the blog. 

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