It's all in my cup

Good morning,

Bon matin,

I will speak for myself, and even if I may sound a little coocoo...I go to bed at night and I am looking forward to my morning cup of coffee.

For me each sip of goodness is the promess of a good positive day, full of energy, bursting of opportunities and vivifide to step up to any challenge...ok any, or almost any challenges.

Did you have a good cup of coffee this morning? Well join us and have an amazing week.

Delicious lunch, looking forward to share it with you today! POI

From our freezer provisions

perfect for an easy meal

Simply heat it up and voila dinner is served!


#3 Cream of Roasted Tomato 7.00 vat .70

#9 Red Thai Veggie soup 7.00 vat .70

#11 Hearty Pumpkin chicken soup 9.00 vat .90

#12 Corn Chicken chowder 9.00 vat .90

#16 Red Thai chicken soup 9.00 vat .90

#18 Curry chicken sweet potato 9.00 vat .90

#28 Cowboy chili 9.00 vat .90

#30 Split pea soup with ham 9.00 vat .90

#38 Red seafood chowder 11.00 vat 1.10

Coocoo soup with shrimp, crab and lobster 11.00 vat 1.10

#52 Shrimp and lobster flavor impossible 11.00 vat 1.1


#101 Keto Alfredo Chicken 14.00 vat 1.40

#104 Keto Curry chicken casserole 14.00 vat 1.40

#113 Keto Seafood Casserole 14.00 vat 1.40


#130 Tex Mex Shepherd's pie 12.00 vat 1.20

#132 French Canadian Shepherd's pie 12.00 vat 1.20

#135 Fisherman Sherpherd's pie 14.00 vat 1.40

#135 Chicken Pot pie 12.00 vat 1.20

#140 Rutherford's Mahi Mahi Shepherd's pie 14.00 vat 1.40


Bacon and cheddar

Quiche Loraine Ham and Swiss

Tomato Mozzarella and vegetables

Salmon and Spinach

Seafood Shrimp and salmon quiche


Today's Menu 

Monday 18th of September 2023


Your soup today is a delicious Cream of Mushrooms. Finely diced onions and green onions sauteed with mushrooms, herb and spices. Finished with light bechamel for the perfect heartwarming good soup. Offered with a piece of Freshly baked French Baguette.

# 1 Bowl (16oz ) of Soup 15.95 vat 1.60

upgrade your soup with a croissant 2.50 vat .25


# 2 Combo (16oz), please specify the half sandwich

(Chicken, Tuna, Egg Salad) 20.95 vat 2.10


#3 Soup combo with side Salad 22.95 vat 2.30

#3A Soup combo with side salad plus topping 25.95 vat 2.60

#4 Your hot meal today is Traditional Meatloaf and Mash. Your favorite 100 % Angus beef traditional meatloaf, offered today with rustic mushrooms and herb sauce, mash potatoes and herb butter broccoli. 17.95 vat 1.80

#5 Your keto option today is a succulent Cobb Salad. Tomatoes, Bacon, Hardboiled egg, Grilled chicken breast, avocado, green onions, romaine, cheddar, offered with Ranch dressing. 21.95 vat 2.20

#6 Your first option is a Jerk Chicken Wrap Bonanza. Deliciously seasoned jerk Style Chicken, mixed with grilled onions, bell peppers and a dash of BBQ sauce, plantain, cheddar, bacon and coleslaw! Bundled up in a wrap 15.95 vat 1.60

#7 Your next option is a new creation a Fully Loaded Steak sub! Grilled steak, topped with Sherry caramelized grilled onions, melting cheddar, topped with dash of sour cream, green onions and bacon, crisp romaine, offered in a toasted 9.5 Italian sub. 15.99 vat 1.60


 #8 Your following option is a delicious Tuna California Quesadilla. Your favorite Cajun tuna salad, offered topped with cheddar cheese, avocado warm and crisp from the griddle offered quesadilla style with a side of home ranch. 15.95 vat 1.60

#9 Your vegetarian option today is a Sweet and spicy veggie balls Thai peanut wrap! First we nicely caramelized veggie balls in our specialty sauce with a dash of sriracha sauce, then we offer on a bed of the following salad, Shredded cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, edamame, green onions and cilantro, toss in a light Asian vinaigrette and bundled up in a wrap! 15.95 vat 1.60

To Place your order

Give us a call from 8:00 AM at

394-1251 or 393-4022

or what's app us at 






Cranberry Chicken Salad Sandwich on freshly baked whole wheat baguette topped with crisp lettuce. 14.95 vat 1.50


Fresh Egg Salad Sandwich on warm focaccia cheese bread, crisp lettuce. 8.95 vat .90


Fresh Egg Salad and Smoked Salmon sandwich on warm focaccia cheese bread, crisp lettuce

15.95 vat 1.60


Cajun Tuna Salad Sandwich on whole wheat baguette with crisp lettuce. 11.95 vat 1.20


Smoked Salmon Sandwich on focaccia cheese bread with lettuce, slivered onions, and capers, with a side of cream cheese. 15.95 vat 1.60


Large Gourmet Salad 14.95 vat 1.50

Small Salad 9.95 vat 1.00


Chopped lettuce, topped with shredded carrots, sliced tomatoes, cucumber, sweet pepper, red onion, and pepperoncini.



Add any of the following for:

3 scoops or 6 ounces portion with Salad only

Cranberry Chicken Salad. 7.95 vat .80

Cajun Tuna Salad. 6.95 vat .70

Egg Salad 5.95 vat .60

Add SMOKED SALMON 3 slices 9.95 vat 1.00


To Place your order

Give us a call from 8:00 AM at

394-1251 or 393-4022

or what's app us at