It's almost that time of year to get out in your yard and tackle cleaning those after-winter planting beds. This year, take the dread out of landscaping and let the McDonough Landscaping crew take care of it. From one time services to weekly or monthly maintenance programs...we've got you covered this spring and summer. Get started with the services listed below and contact us today to get on our schedule!

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-Matt and the McDonough Team
Get those planting beds cleaned up and ready for spring! Let us clear out the dead plants and debris from the winter and loosen the mulch and topsoil to get your garden on track for summer!
The best time to apply a fresh layer of premium shredded wood mulch is after the planting bed start-up. We recommend Western Red Cedar, but will use the mulch that best matches your landscape. It not only looks great, naturally suppresses weeds, provides nutrients, and holds moisture at the plant roots.
We prune, clean-up, cultivate & weed, and monitor plant health. This service can be performed on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis depending on your landscape and desired level of service. We start in May and end in October. weed control products will be applied as needed, and planting fertilizer added.
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