Regretfully, the Covid Pandemic continues to disrupt all of our lives and livelihoods. Yet, because we are all part of something greater than ourselves, individuals, families, businesses and organizations have stepped in to help those in need. Collectively as a community, we are supplying food pantries, spending locally to help keep our small businesses afloat, and rallying around efforts to help those adversely affected by the weakened economy.

The Nature Foundation is similarly engaged. Kathie Driscoll, our Education Director, has been active in Nelson County Schools supplementing Virginia Standards of Learning with virtual science education outreach. This vital support to students, educators and parents has been gratefully received. Responding to families who recognize the benefits of exposure to nature and the outdoors, Josh Palumbo, our Forest Manager, along with volunteers are busy meeting the increased demand for use of the hiking trails that we maintain.

This increased demand for our community involvement is why we have decided to organize the 2021 For Love of the Land Virtual Celebration as an encore event. We understand and support your decision on how to spend your charitable dollars during this time of exceptional need, but please consider our approach to this year’s occasion.

It will be a Zoom gathering where you can participate from the comfort and safety of your own “pandemic pod.” The 2021 event will include more music and prizes and less “talk.” Through a grant made by a generous foundation member, we plan to spend locally as much as possible for prizes that reward the business and service community that supported us. There will still be BIG getaways for when you are ready to travel again - think Hilton Head, Montana and Colorado - as well as more modest offerings like a hot air balloon ride, local overnight excursions and more.

Watch for details in the weeks ahead of the work The Nature Foundation has been doing in the community, supported by the proceeds of last year’s event. Stay tuned!