November 2020
The Full Picture: The Importance of
Trigger Point Injections
As dentists, it is vital that we understand non-odontogenic sources of pain. Oftentimes, what might appear at first as just a “regular toothache” might actually be referred pain from a muscle in the head and neck region instead. Therefore, it is a great disservice to our patients to not look at the full picture to procure an accurate and effective diagnosis, because then we might not execute a proper treatment plan to really help address the true source of our patients’ pain.

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How to Incorporate Tigger Point Injections and Nerve Blocks into Your Dental Practice

Sat, December 12, 2020
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Fundamentals of Pharmacological & Injectable Agents in the General Practice

Fri-Sat, January 29 -30, 2021
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Help the AGD Foundation Save Lives...
By Making a Difference in the Fight Against Oral Cancer!
How your donation can “help us help you help others”
Gary Heyamoto, DDS, AGDF VP
Imagine a virus so common that over 200 different strains exist, nine proven to be oncogenic to humans.   

Imagine a virus so pestilential that by the age of 26 most of us have already been exposed to it. Furthermore, at some point in our lives, we will have at least one type of mucosal infection from this virus.   

Now imagine this virus may remain dormant for as many as 40 years before “re-emerging” as squamous cell oropharyngeal cancer.  

Finally, imagine that as a dentist you are responsible for early detection of a cancer, for the most part, has no visible lesions. By the time you can see lesions, most oncologist agree it’s already stage 3 or 4.  This means dentists are on the frontline to make early diagnoses.   

The virus is HPV-16.  

Congratulations to 2020 AGD Fellows:
John Bigler DDS, FAGD
Patrice Winterholler, DDS, FAGD
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Rashmi Bhatnagar, DDS, FAGD, MAGD

It is truly an exciting time for dentistry and if you have a desire to better your skills and abilities, obtaining your Fellowship and Mastership are great ways.
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Recent CE Events: An Academic Review

Annual State Meeting:

Staying safe while improving your clinical skill set has never been easier! AzAGD is making history by going virtual for the first time. The AzAGD’s State Annual Meeting on October 3, 2020 was a tremendous success! Besides all the CE, participants left the meeting with a well-rounded and multifaceted education truly highlighting the versatility of today’s General Dentist and the many ways in which dentists can improve the quality of their patients’ health and the beauty of their smiles! 

A Note from the President:
Hello Everyone!

It is such a pleasure to bring back our monthly newsletter! We are excited and grateful to welcome Dr. Leila Zadeh as our newest board member. She brings a contagious level of energy and passion for dentistry and for giving back in her position as Arizona AGD Editor!

While this is an unprecedented time for the world, it also gives us the opportunity to be creative as we redirect our energy to building stronger connections and communities. In an effort to allow our volunteer board members and our general members to focus on their families and personal needs, the Arizona AGD hit the pause button for a while... but we hit the ground running in September with some quality, affordable CE courses for our members, while still adhering to the safety precautions set forth by the CDC. We have provided and will continue to provide virtual, in-person, and hybrid course opportunities for our members. Please keep an eye on our calendar of events to continue developing your skills as a health care provider. If there are any creative ideas you have that we can do to serve you better, please reach out to us at

As always, we serve our members with pride and passion - please do not hesitate to contact me directly at or via Instagram @drsmileymaily. Wishing you good health, safety, and strength.

All my best,
Mai-Ly Duong, DMD, MPH, MAEd, MAGD
Arizona AGD President
A Note from the Editor:
The world is on pause. We have all stopped our fast paced hurtling through life, and we now wait with bated breath... waiting for more clarity and a hopeful return to normalcy because to say that 2020 has been a chapter straight out of a dystopian Sci-Fi novel is a gross understatement. Families and friends separated. Plans disrupted and erased. And many dreams even put on hold indefinitely. 

But as difficult and emotionally draining as this unprecedented time has been for all of us, this time has also been one for reflection and an opportunity for improvement and finding our voice. While we may feel more isolated, in a way we are more connected than ever before. The human condition has never been so raw or transparent. We share the same fears. We share the same hopes. We share the same life. 

Whether you are a seasoned clinician, a fresh new graduate, or fall somewhere in between: the solidarity that organized dentistry confers has never been so important. From helping connect you to an AGD mentor in your geographic region (insert hyperlink), to providing you with top notch CE classes, to representing the voice of all general dentists in Washington D.C., the AGD is committed to the promotion of your success and wellbeing.
As the newly appointed AzAGD editor, I look forward to the chance to help represent you and your dental needs, so let us know what’s on your mind by emailing us at and/or follow us on Instagram and Facebook at arizonaagd14 for the latest in AzAGD news! You are not alone, and we stand with you. 

Be safe, be happy, and be well. 


Leila Zadeh, DMD