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October has been quite the month! From facing an unexpected surgery for my husband to remove kidney stones to a recurrence of an oblique injury for me, the name of the game has been "keep your head above the water."

The past few weeks have also been a test of how well I can stay with my habits. How has it gone? The results so far have conflicting data. But, I'm all about keeping it real, so read on to get a look at the roller coaster!

Next week, we're going to start talking about plans for the holidays. It's been on my mind a lot so, no use putting it off!


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The Weekly Catch-up

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A tale of two brains during weekly weigh-in

Take a look inside my brain as I face my weekly weigh-in. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll think "this girl is losing it!"

Read A Tale of Two Brains

This Week's Must Read

I stumbled across this incredible post on I admit I don't usually find a lot on there I connect with but Jehava Brown's take on the diet culture grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me up. Yes, it's stuff that I know, but I always need a reminder that I am worthy no matter what I weigh—and so are YOU! Don't miss this read!

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How a little ball saved me

Ever hear of massage ball therapy or rolling therapy? When my annoying oblique flared up last weekend, I dug out my trusty green lacrosse ball, backed myself up against a wall and attacked the troublesome area with some directed, rolling massage therapy. And no, mine does not have the spikes like you see in that picture. That looks more like "Fifty Shades of Grey" than rehab to me.

I rolled a few times a day to help get the muscles to relax. It really helped and I think it cut down my recovery time! It's usually more than a week for me to feel decent when I get a flare-up. This time, I noticed an improvement in less than 5 days.

Anyway, the great thing about these balls is that you can do these exercises yourself or you can have someone sweet offer to help you (thanks Jon!) when you're tired or too sore. Want to learn more about massage ball therapy? Check out the link below to watch a video from a source I trust: Ask Dr Jo.

Watch Video On Massage Ball Therapy 

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