Powerful Voices is an organization with a “legacy of doers” ( in the words of Pat Parker ). It always has been full of people who are unafraid to challenge the status quo and to have difficult conversations while acknowledging the possibility of something new. I believe it gives off a kinetic and magical connection to anyone who enters our doors. And for the past three years, I’ve been honored to be the Executive Director at Powerful Voices.

I am proud of all we have accomplished and believe the time is right for me to transition out of the role of Executive Director in January 2020.

Knowing that there is a “ legacy of doers ” gives me comfort because we need organizations like Powerful Voices to advocate for girl* justice being a central part of achieving social justice.
Since 1995, Powerful Voices has been unapologetic and bold in our pursuit to create brave spaces with girls*, where they can take charge of their own power as leaders to confidently express themselves, build community, and act against injustices affecting their lives (*those who identify or socialize as a girl*).

  • We’ve grown in so many meaningful ways, from the ways that girls* get introduced to our program, to the kind of spaces we create, to the kinds of celebrations we host to honor the art and creativity of the girls* in our programs.
  • We’ve built new relationships with individuals, community activists, partner organizations, local businesses, and corporations.
  • And last month, you helped us raise over $80,000 during our annual fundraiser.