Dear families, volunteers, pilots and supporters,

It’s going to be ok!

That’s what we all need to hear right now. Is it ok now, no. Did Challenge Air
have to cancel its spring Fly Day season, yes. Are many of our friends and families
hurting right now, yes. Are we scared and unsure of what tomorrow might bring,
yes. But you know what? Our country is strong. Challenge Air is strong and YOU
are too!

Please know that the Board of Trustees and the staff at Challenge Air are utilizing
this time to think outside the box to raise the needed funds to continue our
mission. Staff is busy looking for new and creative ways to bring “virtual flying” to
our special co-pilots stuck at home. We are busy planning our fall Fly Days and
rescheduling our spring events that were cancelled. Challenge Air will continue to
offer life changing aviation experiences to children and youth with special needs!

I hope you and your families are using this time to think about life differently. I
know I have been re-thinking how I spend time at work, at home and with friends
and family. Please know I am thinking of you and praying for health and safety for
each of you. I’m so sorry fly days were cancelled because of Covid-19 but I
promise you as soon as it’s safe, Challenge Air will have kids back up in the air!

Take Care and God bless,
April Culver, CEO/Executive Director

PS – don’t forget to share your #thumbsupwheelsup photos on Facebook & Instagram (details below)
To Our Co-Pilots:
Hello. As the President of Challenge Air, I want to say thank you for being such a good helper, a good kid. You are our co-pilot. We would not do this without you. You are the only reason that we like to fly the airplane. We like to fly because we get to fly with you.  The next date for the two of us flying together had to be scheduled for another time for the same reason you get to stay home from school. But don’t worry. As soon as you get to go back to school, we will get to fly with you again. When we fly with you again, we will fly higher and farther and longer. Its cool. We will get to fly with you again soon, I  promise, very soon.

-Griffin W. Collie, Board President
Meet Bailey Cole, Assistant Executive Director

Bailey Cole is our Assistant Executive Director with Challenge Air. She has been with us since spring of 2016 in a volunteer capacity during Fly Days. In the summer of 2019, Bailey started as an employee with Challenge Air working directly with April Culver and our Board members.
Bailey has experience working with special needs children through volunteering for various special needs charities outside of Challenge Air. She was a caregiver for a family with a child of special needs for several years. 
Additionally, Bailey spent several weeks in Bolivia last year volunteering at an orphanage called La Casa de los Ninos. Bailey’s unique ability to connect with children of all ages has afforded her a unique perspective with Challenge Air. Always willing to lend a hand to anyone, Bailey is motivated by helping others and promoting Challenge Air to help children with special needs and their families.
Bailey has been fortunate to grown up around the general aviation industry and understands the effort and details required to put together Fly Day’s for our families. We are excited about Bailey’s growth within Challenge Air and her ability to help our Challenge Air families.

In her free time Bailey enjoys traveling, spending time with family/friends & cooking. Bailey is excited to start school this fall locally in Dallas to continue her education and progress with Challenge Air For Kids & Friends. 
“After every storm there is a rainbow, no matter
how long it takes to show up.”
– Grace V
Updated Fly Day Schedules
The following events have been postponed. Please continue to check the website for updates.

McKinney, TX
Tulsa, OK
Tyler, TX

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You can change the way a child sees their disability by lifting their spirits and encouraging them to believe in themselves. All it takes is a donation. Big or small–every little bit helps. We have the power to do great in the lives of these children.