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USY and Beyond 
By Julian Levin 
Ready for an Adventure 
By Sophia Kram  
A Letter from the Editors 
By Eliana Davis & Maddy Pollack 
Ask a Staff! 
Seaboard SA/TO Scoop 
  Encampment/Kamp Kadima 2017
Grades 8-12
May 25-29, 2018                                                 
Camp Louise in Cascade, MD 
Grades 6-12
August 20-26, 2018
Capital Camps, Waynesboro, PA
USY & Beyond      
By Julian Levin, Athletics Tri-Chair

If it weren't for Seaboard USY, I would not be the person I am today. Initially,  I was hesitant to join, as I did not know anyone else involved and had limited idea what USY was all about. Needless to say, my first convention got me hooked. The warm sense of community and focus on making the world a better place drew me in. My involvement has grown over the years. I have attended almost every regional event and served on Regional General Board. Just as important, I have made lifelong friends who share similar values. Seaboard USY has helped me foster my Jewish identity and has taught me about Israel and Judaism. When discussing issues facing our world, USY has taught me to assume responsibility to fight for what is right and what we believe in. As I head to college next year, I am saddened that my time in USY is coming to a close. Next month's Spring Convention will be my last; however, I look back fondly on these last three years with Seaboard. The lessons I've learned and the friendships I've made in USY will continue to enrich my life. I look forward to sharing these values with the people I meet along the path of life.

Thank you for everything, Seaboard.
Ask a Staff!
By Jenny Rubin
We asked Jenny to describe what she will miss most about this year's senior class and to describe one lesson that she took away from USY that she hopes the seniors will also take away.

This year's senior class is immensely special to me. I've had the privilege to watch them grow into smart, hilarious, genuine, wonderful humans. Being their staff has helped me to grow as a person and I hope I was able to help them grow as well. They are constantly teaching me, and I am forever grateful for the bonds we have formed. USY gave me the confidence I needed to be able to pursue my dreams, and I hope that this year's seniors will do the same. They are all unique and every one of them has a bright future. I cannot wait to see all of the amazing things they do.

To my seniors - Thank you for the past four years. I am extremely proud of the people you've become.
Ready for an Adventure
By Sophia Kram, Tikvat Israel USY's President 
This coming summer, I will participate in my first USY Summer Progra m, Israel Adventure. Prior to this trip, I have been to Israel four times. I traveled with my family for B'nai Mitzvot, but we only stayed in one general area and did a limited num ber of activities. I am most excited to try something new, something that would require me to step out of my comfort zone, such as hiking up Masada. Being terribly afraid of heights, this is an activity that I would never do on my own, so I'm excited to have 30 other people there to help push me. From this experience, I not only hope to gain some amazing friends, but I hope to also gain a better understanding of what it means to be Jewish. I aspire to become a more open and confident person, one who isn't afraid to take a couple risks. Most of all, I hope to gain memories that I will cherish forever,  and remind me of a summer that hopefully will change my life.  
Chapter Spotlight
  Check Out What's Happening in Chapters Across Seaboard!
  Recently, Beth El Durham had a Mimouna Event.   
Let's take a closer look with Chapter President, Eliana Davis! 

" We celebrated the end of Passover with Mimouna, a Moroccan and Israeli celebration where the community comes together to eat chametz and dance! We learned some fun Israeli dances and ate delicious authentic mofleta, a Moroccan delicacy. Fun was had by all, even though our stomachs hurt just a little from eating too much!!! "

Har Shalom also had an event to celebrate the end of Passover!! Let's see what Chapter Co-President, Hannah Freeman has to say about their Post-Passover Pizza Party!

" Our party was really fun! We got to hang out with our friends, eat pizza and lots of chametz, and play some fun games. It was really nice to spend time with everyone after spring break and Passover. 
A Letter from the Editors
Seaboard USY,
    You, the readers and writers, are the real backbone of the Seaboarder . Without you, the Seaboarder would be a meme that never gets posted. This year, we've gotten sneak peeks into your chapter events and heard from talented writers here in Seaboard. We've had our Israel questions answered, our summer-yearning minds filled with detailed and fun experiences of USY summer programs, and learned more about what makes USY special to each and every one of us. We've all been brought together this year, and here's to another great year of the Seaboarder !
    Eliana Davis and Maddy Pollack
Encampment/Kamp Kadima 2016                                Spring Convention 2017        
Seaboard SA/TO Scoop 
By Ellie Schwartz
"Why I Marched for Gun Safety on Shabbat"

       I was fortunate to spend Shabbat on March 23-24 with USYers from all over as we marched in DC to challenge and mobilize lawmakers. More than 500,000 people came to protest insufficient gun control. Since the March for Our Lives took place on Shabbat, I wasn't sure if I could participate. Then, USY announced that teens would be hosted at Adas Israel Congregation.
       Saturday morning USYers met downtown and marched with thousands of others. Walking through a sea of people, I was struck by the fact that everyone was there for the same reason--protecting lives from senseless gun violence. We heard from teens personally affected by gun violence, including Edna Chavez, who lost her brother to gun violence, Yolanda King (MLK's granddaughter), and several Parkland survivors.
       Emma Gonzales, one of the most outspoken leaders of the #neveragain movement, also spoke. After two minutes, she fell silent for another four and a half, afterwards stating that she had been onstage for as long as it took the gunman to take the lives of 17 students in Florida. "Fight for your lives before it's someone else's job," she said, walking away.
       Motivated, empowered and inspired. That was my answer to "How do you feel after the march today?"
       After Havdalah, I went home. I was exhausted and sunburned, but I was finally able to look forward to a future where students don't have to practice active shooter drills and where civilians don't have to fear for their lives on a daily basis. That future doesn't seem so far away anymore.

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"My favorite way to spend Shabbat is at an event with all my friends. We have dinner, do sloach and have a great time! #commtest"
--Ben Rosenthal, 9th Grade

"My favorite thing to do on Shabbat is play board games and spend time with family. #commtest" --Sarah Eisenberg 
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