August/September 2017
There's nothing like the real thing, baby.....

Having the right equipment that most closely replicates the OR environment can be tricky for bioskills lab facilities. There are so many different types of procedures that can be taught in a lab it can be daunting, difficult, and expensive to have everything that might be needed for arthroscopy, laparoscopy, foot & ankle, hand, spine, craniomaxillofacial, plastics and ENT, to mention a few. What's a lab owner or manager to do? 
Focusing on the most essential item - the table - can help. In a lab world where a variety of table options are available, from sawhorse and plywood, to fixed height or adjustable height treatment tables, to twin pedestal or single pedestal tables, there's nothing better than an actual 'general purpose operating room table' - the basis of all hospital and ambulatory surgery centers throughout the world. It's often said, "Proper patient positioning will insure the best post operative outcome."   

Some common surgical positions are:  
  • Supine - patient flat on their back
  • Prone - patient face down 
  • Trendelenburg - table tilted head down
  • Reverse Trendelenburg - table tilted head up 
  • Lateral tilt - table positioned left or right from the head-to-toe centerline
  • Flex - also known as "jackknife" or "tee-pee" with torso and foot sections positioned down forming an arch at the top
  • Reflex - torso and foot sections positioned up with the arch at the bottom (reverse tee-pee)
  • Fowler's -  a seated position with the back section up and the leg section flat or down, and slight Trendelenburg
  • Lithotomy - back and torso section flat or in slight Trendelenburg, and foot section down
  • Contour - leg and back sections up slightly with the headrest slightly down
Replicating proper patient positioning with cadaver specimen as another teaching tool will add to the overall success of the bioskills labs for the surgeons, sales reps and surgical staff. While many table options might work, if whole-body or heavier weight specimens are being utilized, the training lab may need to have one or two actual OR tables available.  While an OR table is the "Cadillac" of tables, it may not be practical or affordable in all labs. MEDSource offers a number of options for mimicking the positions available on an OR table: 

Breaking ALPS
Can be used on any lab table

  • ALPS (Adjustable Lateral Positioning System, aka pegboard)
  • BlueALPS (pegboard that can be set on top of a breaking table)
  • Breaking ALPS (adjustable height pegboard to replicate a breaking OR table)
  • radiolucent wedges and flat bottom bumps
  • specimen holders
  • surgical side rails that can be added to any table


Regardless of the procedure, a bioskills training event should mimic the operating room as much as possible. If the surgeon uses a Bovie, smoke evacuator, suction, battery powered or electric console drills, headlights, ancillary surgical instruments or anything else for live surgery, the bioskills lab should have these tools available for the event. The single piece of equipment common to all surgical procedures is the operating room table. Nothing is more important!
Tools of the Trade

Skytron 6500 OR Table
We're clearing out our inventory and have OR tables for sale!
Skytron 6500 Tables

If you're in the market for a 'breaking' radiolucent general surgery table for your lab, look no further. MEDSource has two Skytron 6500 tables from our rental pool available for sale. 

The 6500 table features:
  • electric operation with hand pendant control
  • Trendelenburg & reverse
  • lateral tilt
  • height up/down
  • Fowler's back rest
  • Fowler's foot section and reversing head rest
  • 90 day warranty
All of our tables are professionally maintained and serviced by a certified biomedical engineer after every rental. A custom shipping crate is also available if you need to transport the table from one location to another.

Call us at 303-750-5357 or email us for a quote. 
Lab Profile: Florida Hospital Nicholson Center

Florida Hospital Nicholson Center
404 Celebration Place
Celebration, FL 34747
Can accommodate 1-50 Stations
Contact: Lilly Graziani 


Florida Hospital Nicholson Center is a 54,000 square foot advanced medical learning facility located 25 miles South of downtown Orlando on the Florida Hospital Celebration Health campus.
They offer training on up to 50 Surgical and Clinical Skills Stations (Robotic, Lap, Open and Ortho) and a multi-specialty state-of-the-art equipment inventory.
Nicholson Center is located 20 miles from Orlando International Airport, a 25-minute travel time via the FL-417 Toll Road.  

The Nicholson Center lab features:
  • Full-time, 24/7 Concierge team
  • Flexible Bioskills labs for 1 to 50 workstations
  • 500-seat conference center that can be divided into 3 rooms with any room set up needed
  • 16-TV customizable video wall and international broadcasting capabilities
  • Full audio/visual integration and on-site digital service staff to meet any and all technology needs
  • Simulation lab space with customizable floor plan that allows rooms to be joined/divided into 3 rooms
  • Two team-training operating rooms to closely emulate real world OR experiences
  • Comprehensive selection of state-of-the-art  multi-specialty medical and surgical equipment
  • Sterilization room for bulk instrumentation cleaning
  • Ground floor loading dock, requiring trucks equipped with a lift gate

Florida Hospital Nicholson Center also maintains an up-to-date blog  with great advice and valuable insights on conducting or planning medical training labs. Check it out! 


Contact the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center in Celebration, FL today to book your next training event! 
You can find more information about Nicholson Center and other bioskills labs at Registration is free. Whether you want to promote your lab, or are working in the industry and are looking for a lab, we welcome your participation.

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