Who is behind the needle
Ninety percent of the success of cosmetic treatments depends on who is doing them. The remaining 10 percent is dependent on the product. Think of it this way: If you got a bad haircut, would you blame the scissors or your stylist? Word of mouth is the best way to find an injector. If you know someone who looks amazing (and you know they've gone under the needle), ask who they go to. It's also extremely important to inquire about credentials. Also helpful: Ask to see before-and-after pictures of their patients, not just those from a brochure for the product. Book an appointment for a consultation first. That gives you the opportunity to discuss your desires and expectations.

Your budget
You get what you pay for when it comes to cosmetic injections. Prices vary depending on the product used and where you live. In other words, a Groupon deal for $50 Botox is a red flag and you might end up on an episode of Botched. (Shady practices include diluting the product so that it's not as effective—unethical in terms of misrepresenting what's being sold—and illegally purchasing black-market knockoffs from China.) At your consultation, discuss your budget and see if it's in line with what your physician suggests. Some patients come in having saved enough money for one injection, but often they need more than that. Skin Rejuvenation Clinic offers Care Credit - 6 month no interest for purchases over $200.

How long will your results last?
Multiple factors affect the longevity of the results: the product used, how much was injected, where it was put in the face and how a person's body responds to the product. As a general guideline, Botox/Dysport lasts around three to six months, while hyaluronic acid fillers last anywhere from six to 24 months. So if you like the results, be prepared to make this another part of your beauty routine that will require some upkeep. And if you don't like the results, keep in mind that hyaluronic acid fillers are reversible: An enzyme can be injected that will dissolve the filler within 24 hours. Botox/Dysport is not, however, we often recommend our first-time clients come back two weeks after their injection to reassess the results and touch up with more if needed.
*info from Allure magazine

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We often focus on the age-related changes that happen with our faces, breasts, and abdomens, but women are less apt to discuss vaginal concerns.
The good news is, women are finally starting to talk about their concerns and take action toward restoring their self-confidence and feeling like their youthful, sexy selves
Dr. Allison Heimer and the team at Skin Rejuvenation Clinic are thrilled to offer women the diVa® Vaginal Rejuvenating Treatment that can provide beautiful, life-changing outcomes without any surgery.

Age and certain life events such as childbirth and menopause cause natural changes to a woman’s body. Those changes can have a negative effect on the health of her vagina due to extreme fluctuations in estrogen production as well as any physical stressors that compromise the integrity of the tissues. The stretching that occurs during childbirth, for instance, causes damage to the vaginal canal and the tissue surrounding. The tissue generally repairs naturally, but it often never returns fully to its pre-birth state of strength and thickness.
A reduction in estrogen production can also significantly damage the structure and strength of the vaginal walls, causing them to become thinner, dryer, and even inflamed, which often diminishes vaginal function. Among these common events are hysterectomy, breastfeeding, and  chemotherapy treatment for cancer.
Consequently, both childbirth and aging alter a woman’s bladder function, often resulting in  stress urinary incontinence  – leaking of urine when one sneezes, coughs, exercises or simply laughs too hard. diVa® vaginal laser customizes and alters treatments to resolve, repair and restore the anterior vaginal wall to support the bladder’s tissue and reduce or eliminate stress urinary incontinence.


Question: How does diVa work?
diVa uses (HFL) Hybrid Fractional Laser technology to deeply resurface the underlying layers of the vaginal wall. During your treatment, the diVa hand piece is inserted into the vaginal canal. Precision laser energy is emitted, creating tiny microchannels in the vaginal tissue and stimulating your body’s healing response. This process causes your body to create new, healthy tissue, in-turn improving many common vaginal concerns.

Question: Is diVa right for me?
diVa is a laser vaginal therapy that can be customized to meet your specific needs. This makes diVa a great option for just about any woman experiencing vaginal issues, from mothers who have undergone multiple pregnancies, to women with menopause.

Question: How long does a diVa treatment take?
The treatment for the diVa takes only minutes. As compared to competitors which take much longer.

Question: How many diVa treatments are recommended for the best results?
Each woman will have her diVa treatment personalized for her unique situation. Depending on your goals and current condition, Dr. Allison recommends three individual diVa treatment sessions at one month intervals. To maintain your results, we recommend following up with 1-2 diVa treatments per year.

Question: Is there a recovery period associated with diVa?
The majority of our patients will not need to take any time away from their normal routine following their diVa treatment. Because no general anesthesia is used, only topical numbing and we perform this procedure in-office, many women are able to return to work the same day of their diVa treatment.

Question: When can I resume sex after diVa?
Skin Rejuvenation Clinic recommends avoiding sexual intercourse for 48 hours after your diVa treatment.
The O-Shot
The O-Shot is a vaginal procedure where Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is injected into an area near the clitoris and just inside the vagina, beneath the urethra. The PRP stimulates the growth of new cells, vessels, collagen, and fibroblasts in this area, making it more sensitive and healthy.

The Shot Benefits
  • Increased stimulation
  • Increased natural lubrication
  • Increased ability to have a vaginal orgasm
  • May decrease stress urinary incontinence
  • Quick in-office procedure
  • No-risk of an allergic reaction
  • Virtually painless
*results may vary
FREE O-Shot (a $1000 value)
with purchase of
Package of 3 diVa Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatments
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Full Face Ultherapy
Get the Neck FREE ($2200 value)
(*both treatments must be done same day)

The Non-invasive Lift
Ultherapy is the only non-invasive procedure FDA-cleared to lift skin on the neck, under the chin and on the eyebrow. Now also FDA-cleared to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the décolletage, Ultherapy can help you achieve a fresher look from your brow to your chest!
All Ultherapy services must be purchased in the month of February.

  • An obvious tip but most important is drink plenty of water. A healthy skin is the result of both internal and external treatment and hydrating is one way to help dry skin.
  •  Take make up off at night— Not cleansing the skin can make dead skin cells build up and cause black heads. Also the oil in your t-zone acts as food for the bacteria that’s left on foundation, increasing the possibility of bacterial overgrowth and infection overnight.

  • Change up your cleanser. Cleansers can be extremely drying to the skin. If you’re used to using options that contain Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids, rotate with a hydrating cleanser that contains moisturizing ingredients. We recommend, SkinMedica AHA/BHA Cleanser or iS Clinical Cleansing Complex.

  • Exfoliate gently. As the months grow colder, you will need to assist with cellular turnover by gently exfoliating. It'll brighten your skin, and your moisturizer will also penetrate better. You can do so by adding an exfoliating mask to your regimen. It will slough off that dead winter skin without overly drying you out. We recommend, Revision Papaya Enzyme Cleanser.

  • Always wear SPF. Use sunscreen even though it is winter as UVB and UVA rays are still causing photo damage even if its cold. Also reflected light from snow doesn’t help either it can increase sun damage. We recommend using Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush-on Sunscreen SPF 50.

  • Moisturize. Bump up that moisture! Adding a night cream to your regimen will help to bring some much-needed moisture into the skin. Moisturizing is essential, but it's crucial that you use the right one for your skin type. Seeking the advice of a skin care specialist is key to optimal skin health. We recommend, SkinMedica Dermal Repair or iS Clinical Reparative Emulsion.

  • Add a serum. Boost the efficacy of your moisturizer by applying a serum beforehand. Serums with antioxidants like Vitamin C and resveratrol help to brighten dull winter skin. We recommend SkinMedica Vitamin C&E, iS Clinical Pro-Heal or Obagi Vitamin C.

  • Add hyaluronic acid. Adding a few drops into your current moisturizer will boost hydration! HA is a humectant, which means it grabs moisture and holds it so your skin can absorb water. The hyaluronic acid molecule can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water! We recommend SkinMedica HA5.

  • See your Aesthetician for regular facials (hydrafacial, microderms & custom facials).

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Benefits of a Microdermabrasion

  • Radiant Complexion— Microdermabrasion smoothens the skin surface, and once the dead skin cells are gone, you can see an immediate brightening effect. It stimulates collagen production and cell regeneration, which reduces visible spots and other signs of aging.

  • Stimulates collagen—Microdermabrasion boosts blood circulation to your skin, which improves its internal health. Improved flow of blood means your skin cells receive more oxygen and nutrients. This balances the elasticity and cell process of your skin.

  • Reduces Pore Size—Microdermabrasion not only unclogs your skin pores but also shrinks them. We all are born with a certain pore size. But eventually, a lot of external factors (such as skin inflammation, pollution, and hygiene issues) enlarge them. Microdermabrasion clears the skin, eliminating all the factors that were causing pore enlargement. Shrinking of the pores minimizes excess sebum production that can cause acne.

  • Enhances Product Efficacy—Once the layers of dead skin that have accumulated on your skin are gone, and your pores are clear, your skin can absorb products much better. This means, if you are using any product for acne or some other skin issue, you can expect better and quick results!

  • Smooths Skin—Creates a smooth and even skin surface ensuring makeup glides on for flawless looking skin.
February 11th - 17th

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