September 2020
Dear Colleague,
We're excited to announce the full release of our new Virtual Coordinate System (VCS) software for planning, simulation and execution of acute in-vivo neural recording experiments. A huge thanks to our many beta testers for countless hours and invaluable feedback in the development of this exciting new system!

The MPM Team at New Scale Technologies

VCS Software simplifies highly accurate positioning of multiple silicon neural probes within a common stereotactic coordinate space
Calibrating a probe to physical lambda and bregma using the new VCS Software with the Multi-Probe Micromanipulator (MPM) System. Image courtesy Rumbaugh Lab – Scripps Research.
With the release of our new Virtual Coordinate System (VCS) Software, it is now even easier to quickly and accurately position multiple silicon probes using the Multi-Probe Micromanipulator (MPM) System for acute in-vivo neural recording. The VCS software:

-- Dramatically simplifies planning, simulation and execution of experiments.

-- Allows control of multiple probes within a common stereotactic coordinate space.

-- Ensures that all probes follow the desired approach angles and insertion
trajectories to reach target points in the brain atlas.
“[VCS] takes the hassle out of multi-probe alignment... makes it much easier to keep track of probe locations when many are in use simultaneously."
-- Josh Siegle, The Allen Institute for Brain Science
The Multi-Probe Micromanipulator (MPM) provides precision motion of multiple high-density silicon neural probes in a compact space. The VCS Software simplifies planning, simulation and execution of experiments. (Image shows steel reference probes in a three-probe inverted MPM System.)
Home calibration before each experiment compensates for any misalignment that may have occurred during stereotactic surgery. The result is highly accurate positioning with less time spent on geometry calculations and set-up, and more time on actual experiments.
“Using the VCS system... saved a lot of time during experiments. I was really happy with the accuracy and reproducibility."
-- Tobi Leva, MDC-Berlin
Enter the desired start and end points for each probe, and the VCS Software automatically calculates the probe arm positions needed to achieve the desired insertion trajectories.
The VCS Software also dramatically reduces setup time for neural recording experiments, automatically calculating manipulator arm positions for the desired insertion trajectories. The simulation mode with 3D visualization lets users check for probe interference.
The VCS Software was developed by motion control experts at New Scale Technologies and extensively tested at leading neuroscience research labs. This release is supported on both inverted and upright MPM System configurations.
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Allen Institute kicks brain wave recording into overdrive with Neuropixels probe
We were happy to spot this photo in an article on GeekWire about The Allen Institute's progress on research into hierarchical patterns of connectivity in the brain. The image shows the lab's setup, with four Neuropixels probes mounted to three-axis motorized stages from New Scale Technologies, controlled by New Scale's MPM System Software.
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