We’re absolutely thrilled to announce The Children’s Heart Foundation’s Congenital Heart Walk series and to invite you to join us! Together with your help, we’re Placing Children at the Heart of Research !
By registering and fundraising for our walks, you help fund the most promising research to advance the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of congenital heart defects (CHDs). The Children's Heart Foundation is the nation’s leading organization dedicated solely to congenital heart defect research, and since 1996, has funded more than $11.1 million in CHD research. Please review our just-released 2017-2018 Impact Report here to read about what we’ve achieved - and will continue to accomplish - with your help.

Research has helped to lower the incidence and mortality rates for those born with heart defects, to more effectively diagnose CHDs for pre-natal care and post-natal interventions, and to support pioneering procedures and treatment breakthroughs to improve longevity and quality of life for CHD patients. Because of funded research, death rates from CHDs in the U.S. have declined by 37.5% since 1999.

The 2019 Congenital Heart Walk events will present an exciting event design, including our familiar 1-mile walks as well as entertainment, family games and activities, community connections, research updates, refreshments, peace and memorial areas, fantastic fundraising incentives and more. We know how important this day is to our CHD families, and we’ve designed an event to leave you energized all year long. And most importantly, all funds raised will support CHF’s mission of funding the most promising CHD research!

We’re incredibly excited about the CHF Congenital Heart Walk series and we hope you are, too! Please visit www.WalkforCHDResearch.org to find a walk near you, and to get underway as a walker, team captain, sponsor, volunteer or donor! Also, follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram !

CHDs are the most common birth defect, affecting nearly 1 in 100 babies. With your continued support, we can lower the incidence of CHDs and help patients live longer, healthier lives. Together with your support, we are Placing Children at the Heart of Research .


The Children’s Heart Foundation