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Fall/Winter schedule
During fall and winter months, Wolf Haven's sanctuary is open for scheduled visits on Saturday and Sunday .

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Photos from November Photo Visit, taken by participants Ron Frontella & Pat Wells.
Tala_s turkey is bigger than his head
Tala's turkey is bigger than his head

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World of Wolves
December 9, 2015

Wolf holiday festivities
Spruce with stuffed turkey
Spruce with stuffed turkey

In keeping with tradition at Wolf Haven, staff prepared a traditional Thanksgiving turkey feast for our wolves - traditional, that is, if you eat your turkey raw. Each bird was stuffed with cranberry sauce, dressing, potatoes & gravy, apple pie filling for dessert and the piece de resistance - a lone Brussels sprout. Typically the wolves eat every morsel with relish - but leave the Brussels sprout. One never knows, though - we may be surprised by a wolf one year.
2016 Wolf Haven calendar
Wolf Haven holiday special

What could be better to give or to receive than a Wolf Haven membership, symbolic wolf adoption and 2016 wolf calendar.
Wolf Haven and the holidays

The holidays are upon us, and so is the time of giving and good will. Want to contribute to your favorite cause? Donate your used vehicle (boats count too) to Wolf Haven, and consider a good deed done and the hard part over! The CARS dedicated call center will answer any questions you have, and take care of all the details of your donation.  

Wolf Haven has teamed with Free World United, a family funded company whose mission is to fund a better world t hrough cause driven apparel. They will donate $10 to Wolf Haven for each piece of our apparel sold.  We would like to raise $1000 in 10 days to raise funds for winter enrichment items for our wolves.  Help spread the word and share this with family and friends