You've all been more patient than kids at Christmas, so we decided it's time to finally let you in on the secret... The Halo: Ground Command, Battle for Reach 2-Player Set will be shipping to distributors from 20th July, and direct to customers from 27th July. Also shipping in July are our spectacular Pelican and Phantom Dropships, and Deluxe Acrylic Token Sets.

For more information, download our Halo: Ground Command Product Guide here.
Halo: Ground Command Deluxe Token Set

For those Commanders, who take warfare to the next level, we have created a Deluxe Token Set, using high-quality, etched acrylic. In addition to the core Activation, Cooldown and Damage Tokens, also included are Objective, Aerial Entry and Exit Tokens. In the set you will also find two superb 'Shadow' Templates that allow players to easily represent a UNSC Pelican and Covenant Phantom Dropship on the tabletop. Available to order now!


The Deluxe Token Set contains:

  • 15 x Activation Tokens
  • 10 x Cooldown Tokens
  • 10 x Damage Tokens
  • 2 x Objective Tokens
  • 1 x UNSC Pelican 'Shadow' Template
  • 1 x Covenant Phantom 'Shadow' Template
  • 4 x Aerial Mission Entry and 4 x Exit Tokens
Final Starter Set Box Contents

We've finalised the Halo: Ground Command contents and managed to squeeze even more in there, so you really get great value for your money! The final contents now include:
  • Full colour Halo: Ground Command Rulebook
  • Statistics Sheets (detailing UNSC and Covenant forces)
  • 20 x Custom Halo Dice, 6 x Halo Order Dice and 4 x Normal D6
  • 40 x Game Tokens (Damage, Activation and Cooldown)
  • Shadow Templates - UNSC Pelican
    and Covenant Phantom Dropships
  • Quick Reference Sheet
  • 2 x Commander Cards
  • Halo Scenery - Bunkers and Scatter Terrain
  • UNSC 1,250 Point Battle Group
  • Covenant 1,250 Point Battle Group
After working closely with 343 Industries, we are hugely proud to release some of the finest 1:100th scale models in the wargames industry. Meticulous attention to detail has truly allowed us to bring Halo to tabletops like never before, and existing and new fans will be able to realise epic battles from the Halo Universe in stunning detail. 

To find out more about Halo: Ground Command, head to the Spartan Games online store or our blog.
Don't Forget the Dropships!

Lastly but by no means least, don't forget our mammoth-sized Pelican and Phantom Dropships will also be shipping in July with the Starter Set. Both over a foot long, they're an unmissable addition to any gamer's tabletop or collector's shelf! These multi-part model kits are some of the most complex (and largest) models Spartan Games has ever created, and what better way to start than with iconic models like these from the Halo Universe! Keep checking the Spartan Games website for exciting updates about these models. 

Available to order now.