Have you heard?
I thought it might be time to give you an update on how we are settling in at the new place, what's changed and what's stayed the same.  It feels a little like the Brady Bunch: We've combined two families into one and adopted the best parts of both! 
We are three months in at our new location, and I am loving it! We finally have a new sign. Compared to the old shop in Interlochen, we now have lots more space. We have a separate classroom, a larger bathroom, nice windows and good lighting. Last week, I was especially thankful for the air conditioning, as we never had any at the old shop!
Thanks to Jean and Nancy, we have a full schedule of wonderful classes. Mama Sharon is teaching, too! We will continue to offer our free monthly class called Teach-Me-Tuesday, and we welcome suggestions for topics you'd like to learn more about. All of our classes and their details can be found on the classes page of our website. Click on any class to get dates and times, supply lists, and so on.
Nearly 300 new bolts of fabric have come in since we moved, but they go out quickly, too! We still have lots of shelf space to grow and will keep adding more fabrics! We have a section of our website that specifically shows our newest goods .
Following the tradition of the Quilt-n-Bee, we still have a monthly Bee Creative event, where introduce 10 + (usually several more) new projects and patterns, discussing methods and helpful hints for each.
We've kept our established rewards program, too. We will put your name on your order and the computer does the work - no punch card required If you had any points accumulated on your account before we moved, you'll be glad to know those points were not lost!  If you're not already in our rewards program, just let us know, and we can add you in so you can be on your way to getting your first $5 Reward Certificate!
And finally, we will be keeping our Fabric of the Day! We post it on our Facebook page each morning. It's a different fabric every day, and it's just $5 per yard with any other purchase. FOTD is available in the store only, and it's first come first served. If you see it and like it, you'll want to hurry in to get it before it's gone!

Christmas in July!

Bee Creative is set for Thursday, July 25 . And it's just five months before Christmas...Time to get your gift-making on! But don't worry, we're here to help, because We're having Christmas in July!

Every month at Bee Creative, we unveil ten or more new projects! This month, we'll have some great gift and holiday decorating ideas for you. Although I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise, it's possible there might be some giveaways and goodies this month (after all it is Christmas...in July!)

As always, when you sign up and come to Bee Creative you will
  • Receive a free pattern at the door
  • See more than ten new projects
  • Learn about the techniques and materials for making those projects
  • Receive a discount on the featured products and patterns

Don't forget to bring a show-n-tell for an extra discount coupon!

Yes, you do need to sign up ahead of time, but it's easy to do! You can sign up on our website, www.interquilten.com or give us a call at 231-922-6766
Thanks for hanging in there through the chaos of the move and our settling in. The love, support and encouragement we received has meant so very much!
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