Hello Friends,
What a great 50th Anniversary Party we had last month.  The weather cooperated, the moon was full, the food was delicious, and the band took us back to the 1960s as they played all of our favorite Beatles songs.  We danced, we sang, we raised our hands, we waved our cell phone lights in the air.  If you weren't there, you can get the drift by watching this video.  And if you were there, maybe you'll see yourself on the screen! 
Thanks to all who came and helped us celebrate and helped us make a significant donation to Lexington Interfaith Community Services ( LICS).  
We're making progress on our expansion.  The tree and shrub shopping area will definitely be reconfigured by Spring.  And we're hoping to have more parking ready by then, too.  Thanks for your patience during this transition.  We're looking forward to having an improved shopping experience for you soon.

Wally & Delores Steinhauser
2017 Lake Murray Ornament
The 2017 Lake Murray ornament, "Birds Over Lake Murray" is now available exclusively at Wingard's...tenth in our series, collect them all!

It's never too early to start thinking ..."Stocking Stuffer"
wings and things
What You're Seeing in Your Yard
The Monarchs have arrived!!! For the past week, we've seen more Monarch Butterflies than we can count here at Wingard's. Zach's been catching & tagging as many Monarchs as he can with the help of Will Green of Irmo Middle School and Arlene Marturano of Carolina Children's Garden. All 3 parties have been working with Monarch Watch, who've provided the tags, to contribute data to further understand Monarch Migration.
Monarchs have come under a huge threat in recent years due 
to habitat loss and overuse of pesticides. They only lay their eggs on Milkweed and it takes 4 generations of Monarchs to make their migration from Point A to Point B. With the lack of milkweed across their range, many Monarch "families" don't make it to their winter home.
The best thing you can do for Monarchs is to plant milkweed in your yard. We carry a several varieties that are all pollinator-friendly.  We only have a few plants left for this season, but we'll be stocking up again next Spring. 
yard kites

What's hot at Wings & Things
"Jackite" Bird Yard Kites
Add some fun to your yard with our newest product - yard kites.

They come in three sizes:
  • Large - Bald Eagle $64.99
  • Medium - Osprey, Sea Gull, & Peregrine Falcon. $39.99 
  • Small - Blue Jays & Cardinals. $19.99
  • We also carry the poles that go with them. 
    • 16ft Bamboo Pole $19.99
    • 13ft Fiberglass Pole 29.99
    • They attach to either from special lining that we sell or their own line that they'd like to use. $3.99
Ask Zach

How often should I clean my bird feeder?  
  • It is best to clean your feeder about once every 2 weeks. A dirty feeder can cause disease for birds and can potentially kill them. To clean your feeder you can wash it with soap and water or throw it in your dishwasher.  If you can't get around to it quite that often, cleaning your bird feeder occasionally is better than not cleaning it at all.  If you've seen diseased birds at your feeders, cleaning frequently is a must.
We have found a lower-cost supplier of our high quality Cole's bird seed, so we're going to be lowering the prices of our popular varieties. We're also bringing in another line of seed to complement the Cole's products. Until we get it all figured out, we're offering a 25% discount on all Cole's bagged birdseed. Just in time to stock up for winter feeding!
garden center
Create a Wildlife Friendly Backyard
Create a Wildlife Friendly Backyard

Providing a suitable habitat for the wildlife in your backyard starts with you. Many of us don't realize that the things we do contribute to the elimination of the natural habitat for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife in our backyards.
With the end of Daylight Savings Time, you may find your gardening time limited to weekends and daytime.  Take advantage of the mild temperatures to plant spring bulbs and keep the leaves off your lawn. 
  • Keep the leaves and pine straw off your lawn, by either raking or mowing.  A layer of matted leaves will be sure to kill your grass.
  • Clean fallen leaves out of shrubbery beds and add to compost pile.
  • Plant trees and shrubs! It is still a great time to plant.
  • Divide daylilies, hosta, agapanthus, grasses, amaryllis, iris, elephant ears, daffodils.
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs. Our climate is not suitable for tulips. Crocus, daffodils, and hyacinths do much better.
  • Plant pansies, ornamental cabbages, kale and snapdragons, now!
  • Dig and store caladium bulbs.
  • Cut back foliage of perennials as plants go dormant. We recommend NOT cutting back lantana, as exposed limbs can absorb moisture and freeze the entire plant. Wait until new growth appears to cut back the dead limbs of your lantana.
  • Do NOT cut back your hydrangeas as they lose their leaves. Wait until new growth appears in the Spring, then trim dead limbs.
  • Bring your "house plants" indoors yet and they're still alive, now is the time. Be sure to spray for insects before bringing them into the house. Even if you don't see signs of insects, there are probably insect eggs on plants that have been living outdoors, and they will infest your house pretty soon.
  • Clean out nesting material from birdhouses.
  • Chop up those Halloween pumpkins and put them in the compost pile or make a wildlife feeder for your yard.
  • Sign up for our 4-step DIY Lawn Care program for 2018 and receive a 15% discount on your products.  For more information, click here.  If you're already in the program, it's time to renew!  Call 803-359-9091 or stop by to get your pay-in-advance discount.

  • Have you had a problem this year with a weed that looks like a small Mimosa Tree?  If so you are not alone.  This common weed is called chamberbitter.  It is a summer annual weed that requires a warm soil temperature to germinate and has many small fruit/seed on the underside of the leaf.  If you're seeing the weed in your lawn now, you can treat with Fertilome Weed Free Zone.  However, it is best to control chamberbitter before it produces seed, and the early pre-emergent (Step 1) application that we recommend doesn't do the trick on this particular weed.  So, next Spring, be sure to apply Fertilome Broadleaf Weed Control with Gallery in mid-April to May 1st to prevent the germination of the weed seed.  Don't worry, we'll remind you again next Spring.  If you are using our 4-Step DIY Lawn Care Program, this will be an Optional Step 2a.  Let us know if you want to add it to your program.

landscape design
Making your landscape dreams come true!

If you've been thinking about overhauling your landscape, now is a good time to start planning your projects.  Our landscape designer, Jeremy Kelly, is taking appointments on Fridays.  Call us at  803-359-9091  to make an appointment.  Don't wait 'til Spring when he gets really backed up.  Make your appointment now!   

just in
Just In
  1. Fig Trees for Fall Planting - We just received a shipment of Celeste fig trees that look look great.  They came in bearing fruit!  While the figs on these Louisiana-grown trees may not ripen in our cooler climate this Fall, you're sure to have a plentiful crop next summer if you plant now!
  2. Camellias & Sasanquas Provide Flowers for Pollinators in the Winter - These shrubs are beauties in the Southern landscape.  They have dark green glossy leaves all year long.  And their Fall or Winter flowers cheer up your landscape on a cold, gray day.   What's more, their flowers provide sustenance for bees and other pollinators during a time when not much else is blooming!  My Mom always kept a shallow dish on the dining room table, which displayed a variety of blooms that she cut regularly.   
  3. Magnolias Make Great Christmas Greens  - This group of D.D. Blanchard Magnolias that just arrived are outstanding!  Plant one now and harvest your own Christmas decorations for generations to come.  
  4. Japanese Maples   - We get a big shipment of Japanese Maples once or twice a year.  They just arrived, so the selection great right now.  Check out the Red Dragon variety.  The lacy leaves emerge bright cherry red each year and mature to deep burgundy red in the Fall.  It's weeping growth habit is similar to the more familiar Crimson Queen variety.

  • Super Sedges Brighten Your Winter Garden - We have three sedges in stock that are simply awesome for the winter garden.  Sedges are sometimes called Carex and look similar to border grasses, like liriope, but they are evergreen.  Sedges prefer afternoon shade in summer, but can take full sun in the winter.  Their brilliant colors look great in containers or as a pop of color in your winter landscape.  We have three varieties in stock and have planted some in combinations to show you how good they look in a winter container.  Here's a hanging basket planted with Everillo (on the left) and a container garden with Evergold (on the right).
  • We are so excited about our new shipment of Conical Rosemary and Leyland Cypress, perfectly shaped and potted to dress up your front door, porch, patio and deck! We have looked high and low for a grower that could meet this need for "little Christmas Trees" in a pot.  The one in the picture is our largest size.  There are also smaller cone-shaped ones, as well as other decorative shapes. You asked.... this year, we've got them!
what_s blooming
What's Blooming  
  • Grasses are Showing Off - Fall is the best time to enjoy ornamental grasses.  Their plumes are in full glory.  Here are two varieties we just received that are in full bloom
    Muhly Grass "White Cloud" & Miscanthus Grass "Zebra"
  • Confederate Rose Is Not a Rose - It's actually a type of perennial hibiscus and is often seen planted at old homeplaces in the South. You can see them blooming around town right now, and the plants we just received are full of buds.  When the blooms open they are white or light pink, then the color deepens to dark red as the bloom ages.  You will often see all three colors of flowers on the same plant at the same time.  
  • Very Good Berry Plants - Provide the birds a feast in your yard with two native evergreen trees, Savannah Holly and Yaupon.  The plants we have in stock come complete with bright red berries. 
sale items
On Sale  
  • Look for the PLANT SALE area behind the Gift Shop.  We just put all of our Butterfly Bushes and our Spireas on sale.  50% off.  These blooming shrubs add color to your garden all summer, and their nectar-producing flowers attract lots of butterflies as well.  
  • Spice up your front door for Thanksgiving.
    All Pumpkins, Fall decorations and Mums are 50% off. 
gift shoppe
November Gift Shoppe
What's new in the Gift Shoppe this month!
  • The time is now to begin collecting items for your neighbors, friends, and party hosts. We have a huge selection of Christmas dishtowels and kitchenware to pair together to make a quick and simple gift.   
  • It's finally starting starting to cool off and we have adorable shawls, scarves, headbands, and beanies to keep you stylish when it decides to be cool.
  • The new 12 Oz Corkcicle tumblers have arrived and they are PERFECT for that cup of coffee on the way to work! 
produce market
For all your Thanksgiving Produce
Fresh Local Pecans will be arriving soon and just in time for your Thanksgiving pies.  Also, fresh Florida citrus will soon follow.  A new supply of the ever so popular Sylvan Farms Heirloom Tomatoes are coming in and are on special for $1.99 per lb.  And while you're here don't forget to pick up your fresh from the mountains  apples.

Now selling Soda City Gourmet Candy Peanut Brittles from Columbia and Grey Ghost Cookies out of Charleston.   
Fresh this month in the Market...

Acorn squash, Apples, Fuji- Honey crisp - Pink lady, Bananas, Bibb lettuce, Butter beans,  Cabbage, Cauliflower, Corn,  Cucumbers, English Cucumbers, pickling, Eggplant, Grapes, Green beans, Green peppers, Lemons,  Microgreens,  Okra,  Onions, red - sweet - yellow,  Pears, D'Anjou,  Potatoes, baking -  red -  sweet,  Pumpkins, carving -  heirloom -  mini -  pie -  x-large,  Radishes,  Shitake mushrooms,  Squash, butternut - s paghetti - y ellow,  Tomatoes -  green -  heirloom
workshops _ events
Feeding Wild Birds 101
Feeding Wild Birds 101
Saturday, November 4 | 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Do you enjoy watching all the activity at your bird feeder?
The cost is $10.00 and you will receive a $10.00 coupon to use at Wingard's.  Space is limited, and advance registration is required. Register online below or call 803-359-9091.
Fraser Fir
NC Fraser Fir Christmas Trees & Wreaths
Monday, November 20 - December 23  
Start a new family tradition, buy a real tree!  
Larger trees are 9'-10', 10'-11', or 11'-12' and will be available in a very limited supply.  They tend to sell first, along with garland.  Reserve yours before Saturday, November 18th to make sure you get one!   Stop by or call 803-359-9091 to reserve and pay, in advance, for large trees and garland.
When you come to pick up your tree be sure to check out the huge selection of ornaments we have in the Gift Shoppe and Produce Market and even plan it around a day when Mrs. Claus will be here for the children!  More information below on Mrs. Claus' visits. 
shop small
Shop Local on Small Business Saturday
November 25 | All Day
Do it for the things you love and the place you call home. A day created specifically for small businesses like Wingard's Market.

We can help you find that perfect gift ..... and we'll even wrap it for you.  Come here for the food lover, the bird lover, the Lake Murray lover and the plant lover on your list.  Need just a little something extra, or the perfect stocking stuffer?  Our Gift Shoppe is chock full of perfect "little  somethings ."
Mrs. Claus
Mrs. Claus Pays us a Visit 
November 25, December 2 and December 9  
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
While Santa is busy making his lists and checking it twice, he has sent Mrs. Claus to Wingard's to check on his favorite Wingard's children.  Come let your little ones climb up on Mrs. Claus's lap for those special memory-making photos while they enjoy one of her delicious holiday cookies.
Wingards Family Christmas
Wingard's Family Christmas  
Saturday, December 9 | 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Start a family tradition that will last a lifetime!
Join us at Wingard's for all your treasured holiday memories.  Meet Mrs. Claus, ride the Santa Train and stop in the Produce Market for hot apple cider and cookies. 

Admittance is Free.
Overflow parking available at Pilgrim Lutheran Church
WIngard_s ornament
Remember your holiday traditions with our exclusive Wingard's Family Christmas 
Riding the Santa Train at Wingard's, selecting a fresh cut tree from the lot, drinking hot apple cider, and giving Mrs. Claus a Christmas list to take to Santa....t he sites, the smells, the excitement ... are memorialized in a beautiful custom Christmas ornament, which elegantly depicts your Wingard's Family Christmas experience.